Mischief Top Tens, Mine

Fangirl Choices. Some change, some stay

What are my latest obsessions? What are my constant loves...

As soon as I make a Top Ten list, it grows. I don't want to leave so many favs off the list.

Top Ten Groups. My Hallyu favs. Ok, my favs, period.

BTS of course, because brilliant. And cute... OT7

Not in order of preference...that changes.

Like right now, Monsta X.

Big Bang





Stray Kids

NCT and subunits

Monsta X


Super M, a mix




and Treasure, SHINee

Got 7 shoot, they done?

Ok stop, that's over 10...

But Pentagon, Nu'est, Winner, Super Junior, Seventeen...there are so many stellar groups I love to watch and listen to. 

Just got into Epic High, Victon, BlockB (hey Zico) and...The Rose. Heart emoticon.

Then there's the soloists, like Rain, Widy G, Kang Daniel, Han Seung Woo, and Gaho...

And I wanna add Hoppipolla and Ha Hyunsng. K? Come on...

B.I, all on his own, counts. 

Intense and loose. So, cool.


On my playlist, B.I help me

Top Ten Songs if You Are Feeling Cold

Confession for now. These ten are from a good size playlist of songs-that-make-me-feel-like-moving.

And they are coming up randomly. So, two or three of these may get switched out. Later.

So much heat generating music out there. I'm finding it.

Still my east asian obsession. KPop and the guys. Am I in it for life?


We want warm? Of course Hyunjin and Playing With Fire.

Dang. Did I choose this song cuz...Hyunjin? Maybe, eh?

"Baby, baby..." is such a cozy thing to hear, eh?

This has that western warm rhythm, eh?

How to explain that. Music vocab I don't know.

But it's a winner for heating up. Body rolls.


I.M from Monsta X, going rogue.

The sound of this with I.M's smooth voice. 

Makes ya wanna hummm And some of the words are hot

God Damn It I Like It

I love the fast twitch moves in the KPop world.

That's gonna get you warm just watching.

Choreography, costume, looks...Victon

in What I Said

Huge fan of Taeyong, his dance, his performance

And Ten here with him... Baby Don't Stop

Ok I won't

EXO 3rd Gen dance whiz kids. The moves...

A source of moves, when they happened and for gens to come, I'm sure.

Love these guys. They need their own page.

Something about this song. The mv good.

Camila Cabelo's Never Be The Same

And the runs of words good

I'm a sucker for the way that you move babe. yaya

One of the warmest songs I know...

Black Pumas Colors. Cozy up. Or get up and soma move...

I do.

Hey Light Years. Lyrical, loose. 

That voice creating space in us. 

Let warm in. 

Last Dance. Feels like the last dance. Get close. 

Slow down, step in. heat up.

GDragon here for ya. Warm hug.

I wanna add Gaho's Ride here, cuz watching a crooner get hot is hot.  Ya?

Love this cuz...Gaho's got voice range. And this Ride a different mood. A story.


Told with guy energy. Hey Gaho...

We'll lay out 2 versions because both are...good. Mmmmya Gaho.

And we know B.I wants us to be warm, eh?

B.I Hanbin
Let's get close up, B.I.... Body heat.

Top Ten MV's with Guys Getting Air...

Why why why is the sight of guys lifting right off the ground soooo appealing to me.

(I do have answers, but for that level of excitement? Wut?)

Jump! Leap! Thrill me...


First has got to be Rhthym Ta..

I will play this just to see these two jumps. Two!

The whole thing is good, but these guys leaping....

About 1:20 to 1:33. 

Onto one foot. Athletic..

So good! Mmmya

I've gotta find iKon's Bobby leaping the stage rampway....

But here's Woojin and his dance guys.

Just discovered this MV, Still Dream, and looove the jump at 1:45.

Happens so quick.

There's more by the guys...

But that split second has my full attention.

This mv full of beauty moves. Well done, guys!

Korean Singer and DancerWoojin
Woojin and his guys, in Still Dream

Monsta X! In Hero. The jumping starts at 30 seconds, and then its a part of the choreo. Heels to butt. Good visual.

And my guy Kiyhun just hops as he sings. Go boy.

(All Monsta X are my guys, eh?)

Dang, this song build up and the choreo in Answer make me feel like there's leaping throughout, from these guys in Ateez. The jump at 3:20, just awesome.

This song so good I have it on a special playlist...

Hey, lots of jumping in this. Starts before 30s!

These guys hopping mad. Cmon girl. Decide.

I would. That would be a yes. 

BTS's Danger live.

Just knew I'd find some air in a Stray Kids vid. So physical!

Here, Hyunjin leaping. Of course. Back Door.

But dang. The video angle cuts off, Come on!

Okay, okay. That's six here, not ten.

But there's lots. I'll just tune in to the leaps as I go...

And add them. 

Ya gotta be fast to catch and appreciate jumps.

Guys getting air...


Hey look! Screen shot perfection...jump rush.

Hey wow. Monsta X delivers in so may ways....

This song. Rush I. Just. Love. It.


I captured this screenshot from A.C.E. Such a talented group.

This jump! That's what I'm talking about. Just looking at this makes me high.

Hang on and I'll find the song...

Top Ten Split Seconds

I love these. They can make a whole song.

Split second jumping gets its own category, above.

But here's a few split second winners. For me.


Mmm hey, Which one for B.I?

I pop in his MV for illa illa, this version my first exposure.

I think this moment was my B.I hook.

At  4:25. Close up. 

At 4:00 it starts but B.I warm here...

His lips are a thing, ya?

And this catches. Zico.

Well Done. At 1:40, Arms out.

Love this move, his eye slide.

Zico's eyes a thing.

Zico's moves a thing...

Kihyun, of Monsta Z, in this cover.

Looking at me. At you...

A Little Bit of Love. At 3:42 as the song ends.

Gemini, several moments in Going.

But at 2:02. Cheeky.

Gotta be fast. 

Hmmm I'll get to more. So many split seconds it could be a full, growing page...

And where to next...

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And the BTS page is happening! Tae, and the guys. And just Taehyung! A page of his own, cuz...

Favorite covers! Like Kihyun and Natural by Imagine Dragons

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And since all these pages are constant (altho with constant additions, edit, comments) I am adding my new day to day  discoveries and obsessions to "Running Commentary". Randomding.