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I go where I wanna go. And there I look, breathlessly.


And briefly, a link to my new-not-done-enough FMV page. Yep. Access for my adoring fans. Zico body rolls. Hey hey, need I say more.


Jan 14 Another lit experience.

Lights on inside 24-7 Light bright tonight...

I've just had a fascinating heart fluttering experence with a real human. A human guy.

Hmmm altho I guess all my fangirling here on Mischief is about real guys.

But seriously, from this distance, across time and space, all these talents, these beauties that I love...

They might as well be holograms. Fictional. Imagined. Created.


Instead, today, a surreal dialogue with a guy I could reach out and touch.

Oh wait. Except, he's not here either.

Dang. Life as I know it.

Hmmm who's on YouTube tonight?


Imagine, YouTube being a settle-for experience. After all the pleasyre I get there.

Just shows an actual human has power like that. powers that be. where is he.


Jan 4 2022 and already good stuff...

I get to post a B.I vid! New version of a recently released mini album, Cosmos.

This one an invite to Global Spin. Just released Jan 4th. With a band. Good one Hanbin. Nineteen

And Hanbin moving freestyle, like he does.

Unless he's choreographed. That's good too.

B.I good.


"In the latest episode of Global Spin, a performance series spotlighting global music and international artists, K-pop artist B.I represents South Korea with an atmospheric performance of "Nineteen." B.I is the first Korean artist to perform on Global Spin."

B.I getting back to his own black hair?

I'm celebrating in anticipation.

My fav of course.

Here, Taemin. Considered one of KPop's dance stars...


A performer from SHINee and Super M, who often performs on his own. In those performances Taemin can seem ummmm gender fluid. 


Love this one, Advice. Taemin here...decisive. 

One of the qualities in a performer/performance that I find magnetic. Attractive. Go Taemin.

Jeezus fxxking christ. Jan 2022. Now what?

KPop B.I
watch your mouth

Seriously. I am dumbfounded at what we have been through ove the past year.

The message? Get the fxxk ready.

To get up and get out.

To lose everything.

Or see people you care for/know lose everything.

And to see/hear what people are willing to go through for each outher.


B.I would get this, Metaphorically.

Although I think he's had a petty good year, driving his creativity. Thank the stars.

Hey B.I. Looking forward to your Global Spin vid. Tomorrow,,,

(Mmmm ya. Nineteen, nice one Hanbin. Live band...way to go!)


2022, Eat well, sleep well, my friends.

And keep a bag ready beside the door.



Start the year off with last year's first guy for me, Taeyang of Big Bang.

But this vid just him. I liked it on my playlists.

The first time I stopped to watch I was entranced.

I. was. entranced.

Made me want to reach through and wrap my arms around him...


Eyes, Nose, Lips      Enjoy.

And for a throughline of friendship,

A BTS vid with pretty much just Jimin and Taehyung. 

These guys have to get along for the group to function. Function well. And they do.

BTS has a grip on that. Friends

This vid like a mini doc, a curated piece. Sweet, these two.

I'd like to sit between them on a front bench car seat.

Like we used to have... On a long drive to somewhere.

December 2021, Still

GDragon, dressed for mountain screaming...
GDragon, dressed for mountain screaming...

2021 closing 

Mischief project, no sign of it ending.

Being here is so satisfying...


No end of good music, beauty, passion, inspiration.

Humans expressing.

I'm thankful.


Thankful for a year of both distraction and focus.


If I thought there was a let up of my deep cell responding....there's not.

Today a day of intense emotion, from love to mountain screaming.

And there's no mountain.


Wait. That drive yesterday over the mountain passes....

The summit, the up, the down.

Full focus for hours, to stay on the road, keep from sliding right off down the moutainsides.

It's terrifying. I was high all the way.

Natural high. From the sensible choice to stay in the present moment for those hours.

To be aware enough to catch the slightest loss of control. Ready...


And as I drove over, relax with the mantra...safe, comfortable, on time.


On the way home aware of the deep cell buzz lighting up my insides, as bright as the ice.

The feeling low keyed terrified mellowed by the sensation of pleasure filling my chest and the rest of me.

In the silence. The only sound, the tires on the road and all the cars passing by.


Why is GDragon here? GD has been a constant companion here on Mischief.

He has a steady, excited vibe, committed to cool. So, ready for anything. 

Like a hero. There. I said it. 


Right now, my memories strong for my 30 year he-ro, G,

A talent, hedonic and eudaimonic, in the key of G


December 2021, okay Top Ten 2021 favs! KPop my current genre...

There's more top tens of all kinds...

I'll borrow from there

Or chose em on the spot


For now, top ten period.

Ringa Linga, Fxxk It, and Good Boy

(already cheating)

Growl, Call me Baby

War of Hormones, Danger, Save Me

Sweet Night, Winter Bear

illa illa, Buddy Buddy


Rhythm Ta

Zico Bermuda Triangle, Well Done

Gambler, One Day

Answer, Deja Vue

ILYSB, Sorry


What I Said, Sacrifice


Gaho Ride, From Dusk til Dawn

Joohoney's PsycheBTS' Ddaeng , B.I's Waterfall, Suga's Agust D



Sooo, this is more than ten.

There are so many more than 10. I''ll have to break it into categories. Like jazzy stuff. And fav Rap. Ddaeng


So many feel like they are in the top ten...


A music video story from Monsta X...Gambler


Choreography... Sacrifice

I love to see this guy move.

So many that I could post here. But lots elsewhere on Mischief... A few on the home page, for sure.

Top Ten dancers and movers...oh ya


Taeyang yep, from Big Bang

Kai, from EXO and Super M

Taeyong, From NCT and Super M

Taehyung and Jimin, from BTS

Hyunjin, from Stray Kids

Seungwoo, from Victon




and GDragon becuz he's so...


Hey want room for one more...dang, who?

Taecyon, Ten, Bang Chan...no end



Hey Hyunjin, who has worked hard on this talent which is good. Because he gets to fierce up when he moves and dances and I think it's a natural part of him. 

Fierce gets an expression... 

Hyunjin, from Stray Kids put this together for a special-Artists of the Month, which features dancers and...? 


I gotta give cred here to EXO for dance.

EXO was my first immersion in KPop music,

(Besides following Big Bang around at the same time.) 

I watched so much of this early 3rd gen group, that I see a lot of what they did in moves everywhere up through the rest of 3rd gen and now 4th gen.

I was super impressed with EXO's precision and whippy moves. And they told stories with their vids...

I immersed. Cohesive group. Expressive. And fun.

That brings us, obviously, to my Top Ten groups with mad dance skills.




Monsta X





Stray Kids


Big Bang

Got7 and History , gone now but still enjoying


This is tough because there's Pentagon, The Boyz, 2PM, Super Junior, SF9, SHINee, Enhypen...

They all put a lot into their dance!

Top Ten Singers...

Oh I love this one. 

It is unbelievable that there are so many amazing singers, both solo and whole groups of them

I can't even identify the individuals who might dominate in some of the groups.

How do you choose the top singer in BTS. Seriously...


But here goes...


Ha Hyunsang




T.O.P from Big Bang

Kihyun and I.M from Monsta X

June from iKon

DO from EXO

GDragon cuz I melt when I hear him

And from BTS I'll choose Taehyung because his vouce changed my life... Truly


And want to, have to, add this EXO-CBX sub unit. I don't like all the songs they choose, but can't deny the voice skills. Baekyhun...impressed with his talent, drive, skills.



Whole groups of singers. 

Capable and astonishing singers...

BTS, focusing on each. Voices from mellow to melody

Here's Chen, Xiumin. and Baekhyun from EXO.

Love this song. Paper Cuts. Daily right now...


Rap Monster, from BTS started out in the rap genre...

Here's a dark one, showing his skills...

And a fun one, with RM and Zico...

And Top Ten Rappers


Zico, love his rap so much

B.I, great voice and delivery

Bobby, on his own rhythm, so good







GD, a part of every Top Ten list



Hey let's do a Fashion one, Art, Branding...

GD'd be on all those too.

And leaders and song writers, choreographers, song producers....

Yep, on em all

Yanny's top ten of everything

Top tens...does it show? B.I Zico GDragon Kiyhun Joohoney Taehyung RM Youngso Hyunjin Taeyong...running out of room

Juyeon of The Boyz a recent crush.... 

December 2021, Christmas...

Looking for some holiday spirit, music wise.

Yaya, Stray Kids come through! Christmas EveL

And, BTS! Of course!

These lyric vids help us get to know who's who...

The Bangtan Boys... As sweet as they can be.

Christmas Day

Yes! A.C.E.! Covers a Sia Christmas song! Love... 


And Youngso covers Christmas, with his angelic guitar.


Christmas is such a global phenom. So many expressing the Xmas common themes...good will, , family and friends, christmas decorations, Santa, classic songs

So many people around the world doing much the same thing, expressed in different ways, All over. 


Good for Christmas to be a magnetic celebration, like English is a magnetic language, taking on expressions, from all over. Universal themes andd well wishes. 

Wish you well...

Hey, love this EXO performance....over 12 minutes!

The outfits! Pink shirts, plaid pants, suspenders.

So Christmasy... But, some dreamy vocals in EXO.

Chanyeol, Kai, DO, Chen, Lay, Xuimin, Sehun, Baekyhun, Suho... Wanna read about these guys? Fangirl stuff...

One of my fav sources of info on all these KPop talents.


The gift of Music.




Universal language...