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September 2021  Excited and impressed.

I have to! BTS at the United Nations! Sustainable Economic Goal Moment.

Moments! for BTS and their fans... All of us.


Global phenom, group BTS appeared at the 76th UN's General Assembly in New York City as special envoys for South Korea. The joined President Moon Jae-in in delivering remarks about the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, climate change and how young people today are grappling with both. 7 minutes of positive words repping the younger generations...


Art and culture recognized in South Korea as having real impact to sustainable development goals.


Way to go, President Moon Jae-in! And the Bangtan Boys...


So, that means a lot of young people and BTS fans tuned in to hear their positive and empathetic message. RM and these guys listen…

Then BTS's catchy summer tune Permission to Dance played at the UN, just recorded there in NYC. These guys are making an impact with their 90 million worls wide fans! 

September 2021

KDrama focus! Soon I want a whole page. (I did it! It's started!)

The guys I find in KDramas do sweet and in charge stuff. And say stuff like... gives you chill throughout your body.


That's a line from a travel show hosted by two young actors, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Lee Je Hoon.


I've just watched both of them on the Rakuten Viki app. Ryu Jun Yeol was in a movie called Believer. And Lee Je Hoon is in a series, Taxi Driver. They both play characters we love to follow: good looking, competent (that means take charge and crush your opponents no matter how many), smart, with a purpose. But sweet. 


There's always google to track down more to watch if you want more of an actor.

But the Viki app offers you backgrounds and more of their work right on the spot.

Ryu Jun Yeol, Korean actor
Ryu Jun Yeol, convincing

After watching them in actor action, I started a 10 episode travel show with these two as hosts. It's begun in Cuba and the quote above refers to how attractive it is...

Cuba, that is.

The intro, with them in a vintage red convertible, enjoying. That's as far as I got...a script like lyrics.

I'll go back, see where these two take me.

Lee Je Hoon, Korean actor
Lee Je Hoon, haven't seen him smile yet in the TV series. Serious.

Okay he smiled, a little.

What he did a lot, throught the series, was put on his sunglasses. Definitele a guy gesture I notice.

What am I watching right now where taking off sunglasses is an anticipated event. For me.

A thing for me, all these gg's. Warms me...

Cuba? Just finished a couple of series with Park Bo Gum, an instant fav. First in a period piece, Love in the Moonlight, and from there a series, Encounter, that begins and ends in Cuba... Set a warm tone.

This actor is believable as a Crown Prince, and as a Seoul fruit vendor's son. And so appealing. 

He is so in love in both...


omg he is adorable. and tall. and...



Park Bo Gum, Korean actor
Park Bo Gum, Korean actor
Park Bo Gum Encounter
TV Series Encounter, here in Cuba
Park Bo Gum Love in the Moonlight
Park Bo Gum in Love in the Moonlight

Drives me crazy how hard-to-get the girls are in KDramas... I just wouldn't be able to resist. 


We'd never be able to stretch it out to 16 episodes, to get to a first kiss. Come on.

September 2021

More new... How long can this go on?

How many stellar singers, dancers, performers can there be in that geographical area?


Okay post script, a week later...I am obsessed with these songs right now. All four. And more here. 

That thing that happens, where a tune, a vid, gets hooked in you.

Creates nerve pattern response of increasing pleasure. Pursue. And YouTube delivers.


First, tuned in to this solo, a great cover of Believer.

Kihyun from Monsta X, a 3rd gen group I know and love for several songs like Gambler and Dramarama. Stories.

A first to hear this talent singing on his own, and a fav Imagine Dragons tune often used for FMV's... Love it.

Love watching him sing it, Play it again.

After finding Kihyun on his own, I was feeling so much appreciation for Monsta X that I listened to a few I don't know and this one just out, One Day. Good! The run of music so sweet I can't stand it. But, heartbreak.

Holding my breath and then I count to ten...

I'm drunk, I'm wasted.

Sweet guys in this. Mood changer....

And one solo leads to another. Have I ever heard of Gaho?

Another cover, this one of Zayn's, Dusk til Dawn. That one's on my Global Warm playlist but hey, Gaho good.

Sooo, spend a bit of time exploring Gaho. 

This one, Ride

Spend a morning on Searches, and focus.

Good? Get it on a playlist. Or two.

Like the channel? Subscribe. 

Coffee and music explore. Warm up the day...

September 2021

it's like the shivers of my body...


Ateez! A 4th Gen group with dedication to impact...


A new one. Deja Vu

Check this! Data collected on the dance and line distribution. Interesting.

And another way to get to know the guys in the group.

And how the tunes and choreography are written, so each member gets time...

September 2021

Randomding. Dropping this off here. I ran across it while looking for Light Years.

Light Years Away. An OST of movie Passengers, looks like. G.E.M is a singer songwriter from Hong Kong. Fusion! 

I listen to this all the time...Light Years. I think I got it off a Coffee and Chill playlist we have at the Gallery. 

Dance with someone...

But what I'm really here for is...Zico.

Kinda new to me. Lots lately.

Rapper, part of group Block B. Just fine as he is.

Great looks, and I love this, Well Done. Well done, Zico.

Both hot and cool. A fav combo.

And this Zico. I Am You, You are Me.

Love the guy, the song, the visuals...

Matching...the guy knows how to create rapport.

And love his other rap vids. Ok ok ok

He's going on my love at first sight page.

Fun! Choreo. Almost ten years old. Found this looking for Zico. That's him with the spiky light hair. Go guys.

August 21

Crazy for choreo this week.


Victon What I Said. Love this!

1st, a performance version.

I love talented groups showing off guy gestures, great outfits, fast moves, synchro, sounds and good beat.

This hits...

Here's the music vid ofWhat I Said...

This group Victon is new to me!

Sorting them out.

Flip a Coin another good one for choreo et...

Found the group Victon when this showed up on a random Youtube playlist. Youtube knows I like Pyscho, a tune by a girl group Red Velvet. This song gets covered by guys.

Followed Seung Woo to his group Victon...

Another solo with Seung Woo, Sacrifice, that is now on my playlists... Love this.

If we are talking choreography, let's do two with Taeyong, one of my fav dancers. So good.

He's a part of a large group NCT. 

Here's Taeyong with an NCT sub group, NCT U.

Make a Wish... Such a cute video. Sassy guys.

Taeyong in the turban

Taeyong teamed up with Ten, also a part of NCT.

Baby Don't Stop. This song grew on me.

Now I always stop to watch...

Made it onto my "Get a Room" playlist,

Taeyong and his look, theatrical. His physique, efficient. Ten's too!

KPop has changed my idea of what's attractive in a guy.

Ummm talent. :) But, beauty. And real fitness. Abs, endurance, moves, rhythm. And singers. All round performers.

So impressed! Such a fan! Hallyu...


August 21

Music effect. Here, BTS effect.


On a Youtube run this AM, cuz omg day off. Sort of. When art and music is your "job" and your life, then everyday contributes...

Listened to this, The Truth Untold, for the first time.  While I listen to music vids, I often read the comments, which are often fascinating, often adoring.

And there's this one...


("Army", of course, is the name of the BTS fan body.)



When I wasn’t an Army, a friend of mine tried to get me to listen to BTS. She asked “what songs do you like” and I replied with “ohh just nice songs that make me reflect on stuff”. She suggested me to listen to this, The truth untold. When I went home that night, I put it on when I was doing my homework. My first initial thoughts were “oh the melody is rlly nice and is sung by rlly good singers”. Of course, not being Korean, I didn’t understand most of it. I searched up the meaning and stared at my laptop screen for about 2mins. That night, I silently cried with my face in my arms as the song reminded me of a friend I lost and how much pain I’ve been hiding. Not long after, I realised why BTS is dominating the world and became an army. I regret not listening to them earlier as I have had many army friends who would constantly talk about kpop. I stan BTS because they are one of the reasons I live.

During the live performances of this, even Jimin and Taehyung have broken down crying... 

No lyrics below, this one like the official mv, but extended version. What's the story here?

What the freak is the throughline guys?

Sung by just four of them (in the live vid above)

Taehyung, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin.

But all of them show up in this mv. And RM wrote it?

Nice, RM. But some desperate feels and images.

Life itself...

August 21

There is no let up, everything I've written about here on Mischief still happening.

The intensity of feeling here, still.

I identified a key element in the excitement I feel. 

Standing on the street talking about possibilities for creative expression in our downtown, leaves me lit.

I leave the convo and put my earbuds back in. Epic High...


Thinking to the music, what's it going to be?

A massive dreamcatcher? A psychedelic door? A night of live music in Spirit Square? All? More? Think. Think. Think.

I'm dizzy with the creativity. On fire.

(Oh wait, that's the forests nearby.)

(Or is it the Bangtan Boys in my head.)


A line from my fan friends..."I let them live in my mind rent free." I love the fans. The fan edits! OMG. 

Creativity inspires creativity. Ya?


Excites me. Ima fan of  creativity.



So, we on fire? Fire danger imminent...

Hey okay! let's do Fire by BTS.


My gateway to intense BTS.

Always on the lookout for intense. Rapport.

BTS here, an organic choice, is perfect.

So human, so inspired....

Inspiring. Fire, fierce and fun.


I want to last as a warm feeling...

How's that for a lyric.

Or as words to live by

I'd ask for no more.


Winner's Remember...

The group, Winner, has been peripheral for me, until lately.

Pursuing Mino. Rapper. Find the rest, talent.


And this song playing.

Stop to listen as the runs of music in it become familiar.

And watch. Notice the lyric translations.


Love this! It's all so creative.

The music, or the visual story. Catches.

I am playing this one every day right now. 


This song is a good rep for the way KPop music, to me, has variety within a piece where there's shift changes.

Rhythm most noticeable. But tone, mood...


August 21

BTS Taehyung
BTS's Taehyung (V)

I started a Kim Taehyung page!


BTS's V, a worldwide phenom, and Mischief fav.

A creative on fire....

I've spent a lot of time with Tae. Fascinating.

All that talent in a heaven sent human.


Hey, you can tell I've been hanging out with Taehyung's hard stans.

They express a poetic adoration, allowing Tae to be just himself. Wotta self.


He can sing. He can dance. 

He amuses his BTS bros.

And the rest of us.

A fashion darling.

He is affectionate. Warm.

He breathes. Tae love....

BTS Taehyung
Tae's performances-voice and dance. Unparalleled
BTS Taehyung V
Taehyung calls himself "V"
BTS Kim Taehyung
V sets his own fashion style, like headbands
BTS Kim Taehyung
Suit styles are a fav of Tae's

July 21

G-Dragon and B.I
Big Bang's GD and iKon's B.I

I don't know where to start today. I have been playing music videos all day, doing projects and listening.


The music is great. And varied. From East Asian to Global...

A lot of Big Bang and some new discoveries that are suddenly favs.


So just layering favs at a startling pace.


This pic a great find.

Big Bang and iKon in the same frame.

GDragon and B.I conversing. Help me, says the fangirl.

 And it's all coming in mixed with a lot of iKon, a third gen group I am immersed in.

A study. And the more I watch and listen, the more I notice and appreciate.


I am dazzled by the editing in the mv's. Whatever that process is, the results are spectacular.

Just watching Bling Bling and it's a great example, so I'll use it.

iKon. B.I and the guys... Keep up.

Drawn in lately by Sorry from the group, Rose.

Satisfying my softness for heartstrings tunes.

Watched it first live, which is familiar to me, watching live bands all my life.

Just found the mv for it tho, so here's both. Take your pic. 

Appealing performances. Another Rose tune, ILYSB sweet af too. I love you so bad.

I'm taken with this group, new to me.

July 21

Racy. Language. But nothing we haven't heard...

The MV version of a performance I've been watching for days. Got the two iKon rappers, B.I and Bobby...

Warning! Cockroaches.

Load up with Bobby and B.I while we are at it.

So fun to watch these two. 

Love to see this energy. This interaction. The moves.

Plans to do more...Double B collab.

Hasn't happened . Meh.

Love em on their own. So, all good.

Speaking of lyrics...

They say time flies, but you keep breaking its wings.

One of my favs this week, the sound, the music.

The appeal for memories to fade to black.

Tablo a discovery. And I'll check anything with Taeyang. 

And this is connected up to Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips", an irrestistable mv. Taeyang so good. 

Create rap playlist. Sometimes that's all I need.

Like BTS's Rap Monster and his guys, Suga and JHope. Satisfying.

RM's lyrics. Ddaeng...

So good. The sound, beat, voices, breath. 


July 21

I want to start a page on lyrics. 

My mind registers a good lyric, like reading a good line in a poem, or a line from a character in a story. 


Of course for me, English. 

(although, illa illa...)

So if it's a song in Korean, or another language, I am depending on the translators to get it right, from plain old to nuance. It gets interesting. 


Na. Doesn't need to be English.

But if I pursue a lyric then, it's purely a sound response.

Drawn to the rhythm, the repetitions, rhyme.

What are they rhyming?


 This, every day right now, playing right now.

#1 Dads, in Freedom Fighter. Nice...

Silence is the perfect sound 


From my Global Warm playlist.

Also on Soma Move, cuz it can get me up...

Falling on my knees

Tonight, while Mikrokosmos is on, with such a relaxed and caring vibe, share it. BTS, connectors. 


BTS are often at full max, performing their hearts out. Nice to see them take a breather and absorb. From their people. 

I'm months into fan world, where the love flows freely.

Sure there's friction, factions. Humans. We do it all., adoration, attention, advice, offerings of gifts and creativity pour out for the Bangtan Boys.

BTS gives back.


BTS initiates... Where's my heart emoticon.

The size of this venue in Seoul, full.

Imagine the reach.

Togetherness like this will be back, universe willing.

June 21

So much good music this week! 

Still on a B.I kick. Yaya. It's turning out to be a significant relationship.

I have a lot of long term music relationships.

I'll post pics of the talents, maybe... I have a lot of pics.



Listening to a great dance playlist Soma Move.

Watching Pedro Capo (right? latin music) in mv Buena Suerte. Warm.

Warning, he's in a good haircut, she's in black underwear. Great headgear tho!


I often swing into a latin music vibe. Immersing in Bachata dance for months just enhanced my lifelong attraction to this feel good (or just feel, or move) genre.


Pedro good looks, expressions...


June 21

Ever since getting hooked on iKon's Rhythm Ta, I thought I gotta pursue that B.I. See what he's up to.

And I searched just as his album Waterfall came out. 

I've been watching B.I's stuff all week. Kim Hanbin...

Post Script. All month. All summer. Maybe forever.

B.I's Waterfall Performance music vid. Love it.

Before B.I set out on his own...iKon performance of Apology, Anthem, and Rhythm Ta. Over 9 minutes

I watch stage performances after the music vids usually. 

But hey, B.I all over Mischief now, cuz he's spreading in my lit cells. 

Definitely on my Love at 1st Sight page, with illa illa. Where I describe his effect. On me. 

And again on my Running Commentary page 2, cuz he is not stopping.

And there's a sweet photo there. :)

June 21

Start this sequence with BTS's Butter

This was fun! First time in on the release of a KPop song.

A BTS release is something else!

Trailer's, photos, news articles, interviews, countdown...


The Twitter experience when you follow the latest, including entertaining fan sites-running commentary and edits.

Good work, fans! Lots of creative adoring.

First out! So appealing, these guys.

Another version. Performance vid. Warm...

Top 10 Music Groups right now...mine. Hallyu  :)

Not in order of preference...that changes. Like right now, iKon.

Big Bang





Stray Kids

NCT and subunits

Monsta X


Super M, a mix



and Treasure


Got 7

Ok stop, that's over 10...

But Pentagon, Nu'est, Winner, Super Junior, Seventeen...there are so many stellar groups I love to watch and listen to. 

Just got into Epic High, Block B, Victon, and...The Rose. Heart emoticon.

Then there's the soloists, like Rain, Widy G, Kang Daniel, Han Seung Woo... And now Gaho. And Ash Island...

And soloists from the groups, like Taehyung, GD, Kihyun (omg), Baekyun, and uh, Zico (love). On and on favs!


B.I, all on his own, counts. 

Intense and loose. So, cool.

On my playlist, B.I help me

freestyle, all in


i love