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October 2021

Kim Hanbin KPop Angst
I think I'm going to die. Set me on fire. I can't remember who I was as a child...

Things happening.

One friend offering my G as art. Like he was...

My response? Gratitude laced with tears streaming. Get a grip...


One friend spiraling in her mind affects.

Im going to post some of my fav songs full of angst. For her.

Cuz, I said, there's a whole swath of people you'd love. Just immersed in hurt and angst.

I mean, B.I here...



(please I hope you have some respite. all of you...)

Here's Hoppipolla, cover I'm So Tired

The music so good, you don't know whether to sink from the lyrics.

Or lift with the voices, the song...

I LOVE Ash Island.

I mean...

I'm alone and sad, You fucked my world.

Eh? That kind of suffering... Fall

This thought...

NLive's Maybe I Wanna Die

Might as well sing about it.

All those shit thoughts we have that keep a cycle of distress happening.

Get out into the meadow...

Distract first, then find the thought, the feeling, that brings relief. Then...


A lot of art, expression, springs from angst, anger, distress.

So, feel bad? Create, eh.

I mean, there's origami. And shibari

And chicken curry.

And any song off B.I's Waterfall album

OMG so much fxxking angst. 

So happy to hear that your online conecrt recently brought you actual happiness, Hanbin dear one.

Jeezus. Nothing like manifesting creativity to lift that cloud of meaninglessness for a while.

I hope. 

Maybe there's another song that's a better fit. but this song just hitting viewing records, so on my mind...

This version, singing his heart out for his online concert. 

Love you. my friend.

So I'm offering up companions.

Poets of angst. Songwriters, dancers, singers, musicians, perormance, theatre.

Your people... Look at them. Makes you wanna join this angst group. Ya? Ddeang. I would.

I have! :)

I have to. Post this pic for you.

Ash Island a new guy for me. MV above.

Ya, he's sort of a full on adult, despite his look in this photo.

His music... Love this mv. Sci Fi stuff. Error

Ash Island has amazing tattoos. I'll take a pic. 

His scripted arm, and wolfed neck. ..

October 2021

I want to post some of the soloists. More. Cuz YouTube is picking up a new direction of mine.

Sending up more covers now, of songs I know.


In a group there's usually a songwriter or two. Or three like Stray Kids 3Racha. Talent!


With performers on their own, more reach outs for good songs? Good music to cover?

I'll post a couple of my current favs.

Gaho again, for sure. And hey, Woojin!


And I'm working on a page that's the music story of my summer tattoos. My firsts....

That scratch is satisfying.

Let's start with Gaho in a collab with Woo Jin, former member of Stray Kids

Happy to find him! Missed him!

Watched in the Stray Kids debut show.


And Gaho, I'm so impressed...

 Cover, Drivers License. Listen... Watch.

Wait! A divergence because of Woojin. Not covers. His own? Will have to research 

But for now, just enjoying....

A short explore, bouncing off Woojin with Gaho.

Woojin is frighteningly good looking. 

I'm not scared. I'm spellbound.

And I love this choreography. Still Dream.

And an MV... Ready Now.

Woojin expressing.

Okay, covers... There's lots. And a it's deadly fusion.

Because these are some of my eastern fav performers covering some familiar music.

With moody moods that the west is so good at.

Deadly in a good way tho, eh? The affect... But I get caught by surprise.

And want to fall to my knees and cry. Right there on the street, walking in the fall warm sun.

Who will pick me up?


Here's these two again, in their own covers of great music.

Kim Woojin with Lewis Capaldi's Before You Go...

And Gaho, Halsey's Without Me

I have become a huge fan of Gaho's! His voice, his voice range...

I'm going to start a page, just for covers, cuz I just listened to Gaho covering Post Malone's song, Goodbyes...

Gaho can say fuck-it-all with Post Malone gusto as convincingly as he can croon love....

I did it. On the spot. Mischief Music Covers

Okay, October 2021, mischief still happening...

Close to an edge of excitement today. Tipping...

Tickets to an online concert tonight, with Kim Hanbin.

You know, B.I! Singer, dancer, songwriter, producer....

Ya that's him in the photo. You're welcome.

(As the fans say, when they share)


B.I, as I am discovering since June, is a powerhouse of initiatives. Songs, song collabs, choreography, fan times, Tiktoks, Instagram, photoshoots, liasons with brands, running his new company, looking to start up a new idol group, ongoing philanthropic projects. 

It's a challenge to keep up.

But ID's, his fan group name, do their best to post ever-little-thing B.I does, on Twitter. Every morning when I look there's new stuff. 

This guy is determined. And talented.

In one of my Twitter retweets I describe Hanbin...passion drives genius. Cuz he's got that.


Glad he came to spend downtime in our little corner of nature here this summer.

Oh I haven't told you that story yet?

Another time...

But since then I notice I have divided my mischief time into Before B.I and After B.I.

B.I's combo of focus, drive, and brain-lit-inspired energy is familiar to me. I've lived with a version of it.

Leaves me breathless.

B.I's blond for the concert tonght! Everyone is so excited!

I don't even know how to stream it... lol

But I'm determined.


BTW I did it. It was a blast. 

As I said. B.I intense and loose. So, cool.

B.I cool. 


Melancholy and angst. B.I's poetic mind dishes up words and phrases, feelings of heartache, loneliness, loss.

B.I's tattoo trailing across his chest....Nihilism

The belief that life is meaningless.

However, his touching responses to his fans are full, of meaning. And warm feeling.

The photo below is just to show his tattoo, eh?

But, he is a beauty...

B.I Hanbin Nihilism tattoo
Kim Hanbin, B.I, at the beach...


And my Twitter has gone crazy. CRAZY! With B.I photos, and edits. From the concert. Kim Hanbin gaining traction with all his work. Work ethic rewarded. For bright lights like B.I.


Go! And don't stop now... Momentum.


This song was released Oct 1, a remix of my fav illa illa,  a collab with two musicians. And Afgan will be part of his live concert.

Lost at Sea, English lyrics, in B.I's style. Melancholic.

Just makes me want to hold him until his cells sparkle like mine do... 

Hey Hanbinnie, wot you doin after the concert?

...says my young fangirl self

Have I shown you my illa illa tattoo? Committed. Beside the waves...


More B.I on my Love at First Sight page.

And on my Running Commentary page one...

Cuz he's permeating.

Hey! And while we wait for B.I's live concert. BTS and Coldplay!

A story. Soooo fun! Coldpay cool flavour. With our BTS stars lighting up the action!

Love Chris's lively eye contact! Connections throughout. Mmmmm

Good job guys! Let's do this in full screen...

This is brilliant! Fun, good song, a collab worth the work.

I just imagine the connections they all made during this. With each other.

Can't help but think the BTS bonded vibe, bringing a collected talent of experience and freshness,

impacted Coldplay and Chris...

And I'm sure Chris's and Coldplay's vision and the high tech result was inspiring to the 7. I'm impacted.

Still September 2021, almost done

What a post to start a page with, but the first page ran out of space.

(What does that even mean on a scrolling page. Can't they just go forever? Like a Costco receipt?)

Anyway, this post will drop to the bottom. Soon maybe...


I had just added BTS to Running Commentary page one. They were at the 2021 UN, special envoys, recognized by the South Korean government as having a significant economic and cultural impact, along with all of KPOP. 


BTS, the faces of the global phenom of Hallyu, the Korean wave of culture, spreading like a good meme. 


Definitely a Rap Monster meme dream. 



Zico, South Korean multi talent, connected
Zico, South Korean multi talent, connected

This post is an update on my Chakra Spinning spiraling journey.


Jeezuz, no wonder I'm fxxking dizzy.

Hey Zico, can I hold your arm, love? 



It's hard to describe the alertness, aliveness, sweetness 

that I feel from scalp to arches.

My brain feels like what marshmallows taste like.

Fucking hell. It's wildly sweet. And soft.

Day or night, music or quiet, whatever the position, action.


It's a background note when I'm interacting with humans. 

Humans in the flesh I mean, with me, or accessed on some device. Hello?


This constant cell shiver tho, drives me toward a focus that gives it attention and expression.


Daydreams, soma dance, myyoga, watching music videos are spaces of time in the present moment, for me.

Noticing where I'm feeling it, tracking it like a warm snowstorm.


Follow the music, immerse, travel a path with heart, breathlessly. 

Watching guys etc sing, move, play instruments, perform, feels causal.  

But with or without the focuses I experience the excited cells anyway.


Hey! I can move the excitement of the cells with my attention, with my breath, with soma moves. It's a trip!


I gotta copy this to my Chakra Spinning page.... Skills!


Why Zico here? Zico a comfort. But, also...

My cells are on the move when I look at him. Watch him. Hear him.

He laughs. His sideways glances are heart stopping. 

He's magnetic. And my cells respond.


The the cells in me, the I's in me. Move. Love.


Hang on. I'll add some music. 


Zico and his music is getting scattered all over Mischief, the little brat. So, this... Pride and Prejudice

I love to hear the talk. At the beginning on this version. I like the lyrics with it sometimes. But don't get too distracted keeping up with the words.

Cuz it's the music, his rap... His look

And B.I all over too. These two. For reasons...

I chose this song of B.I's because it's music to move to.

If I read his lyrics, I feel it differently. B.I appeals to his followers with this kind of life-as-angst kind of mood.

Makes me want to take him...well, that's another story. 

For now, just this.

Off to soma move, or daydream...

I'll take these guys with me. Come on...


No jazz girl. Not you. I think someone's calling you.

Thanks for the music. Bye.