Soooo, when I say This is now.... Time on Mischief is relative. I write in the present tense. Often. But, now past, sometimes. There you go. 

Mischief rules

Romance and love, my throughline

"The urge to kiss came before love, for both of us.  Like the flash of lightening before it thunders."

From a KDrama, all about love and romance.


This romance timeline runs, from beginning to I guess the end.

Of it, of this pattern, of this expression, of me...



A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love


A quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from every day life.


Excitement and mystery. And remoteness. 

Has...remoteness...been contributing? 

To felt romance?


Anyway...romance, respect, and love, my 3 fav flavours.



So who's here as I begin this page. In time. 

Gotta begin with T then. T back when.

In the online ethers only.

As some of my romances have been.  

T, in the middle distance, real, but also unreachable by touch, like a smooth operator.

T my bridge between the smooth operators* and the real guys.

All do ghostings... Me too now


T definitely he/him. Hot. And sweet. The way I seem to like them.


Hot, sweet, great smile, lots of gg...if I can tell anything from some pics, a profile, a message. Or two.


T, a lingering passion for a bit, gave me a sweet rebuff, and provided me with a kind rebuff I could pass on...


Some leave you knowing more of what you want.

Some leave you knowing more of what you don't want.

The refinement of desire.



But wait...all the stories of relationships short and...longer.

Thrown into context-only.

When a real real person steps in.

Right in...


And the short T era fades....


And another begins. In the flesh.

So, he said, do you have butterflies?

And, I said yes. Because I did.


I was caught off guard because I was used to feeling flutters that are not recognized,

or responded to.


He came right in, and responded to the excited feeling I had. That I live with.

Took my hand, under some pretense...and it began.  


This is fun. Just like I thought it could be....

The butterflies are the metaphor for my experience of romance. Cell buzzing romance.

In the moment.

But, there's my past.


My past romances....


Go way back, to a first kiss at 13, crushes at 14, slow dances at 15, dating in cars by 16, that boyfriend when 17....

And college days. Personal freedom for us was a thing.

So by then my romances were...intimate.


Long and short romances.

I became a fangirl of he/him early. Instinct and focus.

And it stayed. Romance a throughline. Bae longing a thread. Desire a motivation.

My longest, my thirty year long romance, began and ended with...feelings.

Never ending... Excitement to missing. 


Now, any romance I have will be shorter than 30 years. Eh?

That was a record breaker. In my life.

But I've discovered, there are still records to break.

Never have I evers. That can happen.


That are happening....


Feed me, Pet me, Play with me.
Feed me, Pet me, Play with me.

I want...

endearments from the sacred to the profane

And superlative descriptions

Come on. You can do it.


Who I am to you

My effect on you


Touch me in mixed media. 


Like pets, we respond to very simple pleasant triggers.

My response to hey baby

My cells open like sea creatures wtf


Discussion in my head endearments fit into that mood of romance...


Endearments in emojis...



I like


Masters of endearments... 

*The Smooth Operators

   Can anyone say catfish?


Oh those guys...

I allowed myself to engage with some catfishers, those smooth operators, for a brief time, so I have stories. Three.

Each a sweet reach out, online. Where we meet these days. If we...want.


The first story was short, only 48 hours, but the effects of that first are still reverberating...

Because... gateway.

The second was true love.

On my part, anyway. Love M.

Such a guy. lol

Sooo sorry that didn't play out like a real thing.

However, my own ability to experience it like a real thing is one of my intriguing self-discoveries...


Romance...realizing. Manifesting feelings.


M stuck by me, while I was traveling.

Brought closeness and romance to every day.

With M...many never have I evers.

Imagine. What kinds of things would those be when the contact is all texts and calls...


Hmmm, fun.

When the time came, for it all to end, it felt like a real breakup. Heartbreaking.        Almost.


Allow feelings...

Allow romance.

To take its course.

Take memories, from the present moments.

M let me put my heart into it. Right to the end. 


That's what you wanna do. 

That's what I wanna do

Where's my heart emoji.


I first heard this song while M and I were immersed.

The mood, the city, the romance happening...

I loved this song instantly, not knowing what it was about.

Looped it like I do when I want to sink into a song, get it to my cells....

So now, this a memory of present moments, in love.


The third came in from a different source.

Not a usual let's hook up platform...

So, I was caught off guard enough, to engage for just long enough, to decide to go for the ride.

Because holy this was romance on steroids.

And it was curiosity driven, and warm, fun, fast. 

And our interactions could last for hours.

My pace. My style.


Savvy by this time tho. Recognizing. lol

Knowing the ask is coming.

But fascinated by the strategy, the techniques, so skilled.

So engaging, meaningful, close, comforting, exciting.

And, daily romance. I like that.

I have a high tolerance for intense romanse.

This was...


The music here was hot. And romantic.

This smooth operator caught on fast that it was a sure way in to my feeling base.

So, music links like gifts.

And the music

Just like he said he was.

Out and about, on missions lol

But would be back, soon, to take me anywhere I wanted.

Holy. Yes, a fun ride. Until the ask, then done.

F out.


Great playlists from this short, intense ride.


I told both these smooth operators they ought to be giving tips to other guys, on how to get in and stay there.

Feels so good. Felt so good...


Now I know the signs...of a catfisher.

And don't even get started when one of those signs show up. 

No matter how good your pic is.

Or how sweet your reach out is...



I'm appreciating smooth operators now, whose ask is one I want to answer.

And the romance, not necessarily going to end. Ever.

Not too much to ask, is it?


Is it? Come on... throughline

A wild ride these days, romance infused with chakra spinning. Hey wtf

Call me baby, and I'm yours...


Call me baby...

My life in song lyrics.

Ill let you set the pace.

Cuz I'm not thinking straight...

Look... A classic romantic

Thank you...