Mischief Fav Covers of fav songs

Fangirl Appreciation of covers - mix up singers and songs.

Credit to the original artists, and loving these performers

From my Running Commentary page 2, when I got immersed in posting some covers.


My comment there...


Okay, covers... There's lots. And a it's deadly fusion.

Because these are some of my fav stellar eastern performers, covering some fav familiar music.

Some with moods that the west is so good at. 


Deadly in a good way, eh? Because of the emotions elicited. But I get caught by surprise.

And want to fall to my knees and cry. Right there on the street, walking in the fall warm sun.

Who will pick me up?


These covers I'm posting here....

Lift the top of my head off, I swear, and I feel my cells dispersing. Up.

So I throw in a grounding vibe, here and there, on my playlist.

Like Zico, who can always bring me back to earth. 

I pull myself together and return, in case he's here.


So this is not a cover, but a take-a-Zico-moment.

We artists, baby! Randomding.


Zico picks me up.....


Ready to go again? 

Hoppipolla, changing my life. With their slow pace. 

Jeezus. How long do I have to fxxking wait for the next note?


Fine. I'll change gears. Shift to slow mo.

I'm practiced...it's kinda like my trance state. (useful skills)


This group, Hoppipolla, how did I first find them?

My vibe slows to match. And my mood changes.

Yep, there's a cello. These guys play instruments.


This one, off an album with other songs.

I'll is the name of the songwriter in this group?

Holy holy... The songs, elicit gratitde. That's like love.

This one, with the Jinho's cello solo in the middle and Youngso drumming his guitar. I'll and Hyunsang's voices.

Transported. I'm transported... Our Song

This talent, from the group. Ha Hyunsang.

With Harry Styles Falling

Love watching the micro movements in his face, expressing...

Another one from Hyunsang. In a duet with Day 6's  YoungK. Lauv cover, Never Not

Nice nice nice.

Sweet. So many sweet songs. And these sweet perfomers.

Filling me with a mist of bliss. Seeping out my eyes.

Take a breath.



Kihyun from Monsta X. A headliner for sure.

This guy. Showed up in a YouTube mix. Why? 

Thankful. Lots of moments of pleasure, listening, every note hits. And watching. So fun to watch Kihyun sing, and move. 

Now I always pick him out, in the Monsta X MV's.

Dang I pick all of them out. They all good. That's another story...


I love it when singers are on these mics. 

Looks intimate. Wut? Why?

Kiyhun, expressing. Handsign me....

Imagine Dragons cover, Natural


Kihyun, in an ocean environment.

The coloring spectacular. Kihyun wicked. I mean sweet.

Tom Grennan's cover, Little Bit of Love


Let's not do a Cover page without Lewis Capaldi's Someone I Loved with A.C.E's ... Chan, Jun, and Donghun. 


I love their feeling it. So it sounds like the feeling...

Skilled! And can I say adorable?

I want to squeeze them...


This is a great group! A.C.E. versatile  Awesome.

I watched them bungee jumping for a challenge. lol

They busk, they create, they dress up.

Prepared to do what's need for their craft. 

I'll leave it here for now.

But let's leave us with this... Creep

See it as a theatre piece. (I mean, "creep"? Doesn't that imply a bit of drama?)


Hoppipolla. Really long spaces between the notes. See what I mean?


I like the way this group builds to a climax. In their songs. Often.

Hit the high notes, darlin.

I'll whisper "You are special" in your ear...


I gotta get outta here. 

This just now, this second, showed up beside my search.

I'm done. In. Spinning from a day of music.

Hey, that's a lotta sweetness and feel.

All in one day.

I wonder what that does for my system.

Take a break and check.


Another day...I am super focused on Youngso of Hoppipolla right now.

Just dropped a cover of his on my Running Commentary page.

And here's a cover piece. an OST Mashup.

Which I am shamelessly adding here because I love the way his black shiny hair moves as he plays.

Yep. Ima fan for lots of reasons.

The mischief in me...appreciates.