Love at First Sight, or 2nd...3rd

Mischief, Fall in love...a fangirl sure thing

iKon Rhythm Ta
iKon with Rhythm Ta

Love at first sight, or second or third...

It can be instant. Like Taeyang's Ringa Linga.

Or it can take a few performances, like iKon's Rhythm Ta. 

Both still in my top ten. Okay, top twenty...

Favs move around.

Make room for new too


Those are songs tho. I fall in love with the music...and the performers. 

So, this page is focused on the talents creating and delivering the music and drama that touches me from aura to core.

Love immersed, thanks to these humans and their art



Dylan Wang, actor
Dylan Wang, a talent. He expressed persistent love in Meteor Gardens. Irresistable.

Fall in love. Just stay in there. Feel it like an enveloping cushion. 

It makes me fond of humans when I see them through that feel.


Being in love with a bae, then an abrupt end (death, abrupt). 

Acceptance level for humans lowered. Less tolerance, like when in pain.

With some of the love cushion gone, more actions are hurtful. 

So many. 


But. So.

Feel good while experiencing the music performances.

It creates pleasure, a space around, cushion out.

So, more, again. 

I feel amazement, appreciation, fondness, for the talent. Smitten....

Fall in love.


Being in love is so good for you. Often when people are newly in love, things that have been bothering them for a long time get better. Something wonderful is calling the majority of their attention, so they’re holding themselves in a better vibrational place, so the stuff they’ve been wanting all along can now zoom in. 

Quote from EA

Reasons to love...


Love at first sight, and listen...

Kim Hanbin B.I
Kim Hanbin, known as B.I

B.I came in with impact, after watching and listening to illa illa, a song on his first solo album, Waterfall.


I had seen lots of iKon's music vids. 

B.I led the group, wrote songs, and is an awesome rapper, dancer, you name it.


My heart went out to him when I read how he had to leave iKon, and go it on his own.

My heart and  the rest of me responded all over, hearing his new song illa illa

KPop Kim Hanbin
Smitten, talent and beauty

B.I Kim Hanbin
B.I put your heart into it

A common experience, I know, deep responses to music. Moving.

I am moved by the music I choose. I am astonished at my brain and body response.

How can a voice, a few bars, a beat do that?

illa illa did that.

I watched first. Beauty. Sometimes the visuals are so attractive it's what keeps me coming back. So just listen, to see.

So then I just listened, lying back on my red couch, volume up.

And it's indescribable. Curls my body around a vulnerable middle.

Streaming tears. No sadness. Just the fullness of harmonic sound.


Now I listen to it like a mantra, a ritual. Weeks. It's impact holding.


B.I has a song on his album, just out...Daydream.


I daydream.

Who do I love?

So many. We just talking the fangirling I do?


Well B.I...

Each of the talents who offer up gifts of cool music and movement have different skill sets, looks, moods.

That attract. 

I notice that I often choose to focus on a talent that eventually I learn is hugely attractive to fangirls and fanboys everywhere. Like I said, a lot of this is instinct. We are wired. 

Looking for common things.

I have had a thought, I must have a page for GDragon on Mischief.

A page all about GDragon. Stories, photos, vids.

GDragon was not the kind of guy that I notice first in a band, a group. So I would start by saying he grew on me. But, really fast. And the intensity of the feeling for him, even seeing a photo of him, just overwhelms now. Seriously. 

But in a good way. GDragon a genius of connection, talent, cool. And hot.

I reach for GD right now, when I am looking for comfort.

Everything's all right. 

(Had to meditate on that. GD not the first guy I'd think of...for comfort. Just saying. GD the one to take a risk with. Excited.)


I made a connection first with talent Taeyang in Ringa Linga.

Just stunning. Stunned me. His looks, his moves, his musicality.

Then both Taeyang and GD in Good Boy.


Yikes. The moves, the music, the cool...


So, love GDragon and Taeyang for starters.

(And did I say B.I?)

Talking about GD and's some Mischief References. A reason for a fan photo gallery

Sometimes on Mischief I say stuff that might be a little fuzzy, like...half a GDragon quote.

or might need a photo that's worth a thousand words, like Taeyang here. (I said I'd do it.)

Mischief pg one

Ya GDragon, like when you click Follow

came from this quote. 

What can I say. Filled me with yaya I get it.

Smitten page

Taeyang, shirtless

With tattoos. 

 A performance shot. Taeyang theatre

More... Dang. You two again?

Firing the synapses of fangirls everywhere.

2nd gen page. Music link Crayon

I mentioned GDragon in the shaving scene.

This, from the scene, a photo to linger on

In motion, the feel is even more.

Sassy guy. Fearless vibe.


Mischief pg one

Taeyang from Ringa Linga

One of my first KPop mv's, and a fall-over fav instantly.

Look at this. (I know it's not just me. He has a faithful following. They both do.) 

Okay, GD and Taeyang. I am in love with these guys. Says the fangirl.

 Pleasure received from your pics, voices, lyrics, performances, personalities.

And in use creating the love cushion around me that helps me a better person.

More tolerant, more accepting. So thanks.

Proud of us... But want more. Why not. Limitless.


Mad dance and voice skills, mmmmartial arts guy, adorable and sexc. Jimin of BTS. I am ridiculously fond of all the guys in this group. Each and together.



To right, a whole group at once. 2PM.

Got hooked on "My House". Okay, the wolf...

Can I see the wolf guy again?

Oh ya, that's him on the left.

Tall, dark, handsome. (Oh wait. they all are.)


Taecyeon plays a crazy good bad guy in KDrama Vincenzo. But I've seen him play the good guy. He's good. 

I definitely love Taecyeon.

We'll talk about this Hyunjin another time. 

But...duality, as the fans put it. And right now, the song playing is bad boys bring heaven to you...

(There's a story... His group misses him.We all do.)

Kpop 2PM
2nd Gen KPop Group, 2PM

I am definitely coming back with more pics of who I love. I gotta lot of love.

B.I Kim Hanbin
Look at me. seranghae

Get pleasure and a mix of emotions, through art, music, entertainment, stories. Just a click away.


So, I wanna give thanks to the artists who express for us, and fill some of our spaces. 


And for the way in to those experiences.


Get me on that internet connection and within seconds I can reach expressions of ferocity, warmth, wit, sweet night, love... 


I can reach a beach, illa illa



I am moved. I am touched. I appreciate...truly.

I am daydreaming. And there's music 


Put your hand on my thigh...

Black cat smoking
Uh, who's the artist?



My thirty year guy, gone now, came to bed whenever I turned in. At first I found it curious. He was a writer, a reader, a smoker... I imagined a late night guy. But no, different priorities.

Three decades of feeling that hand move to my thigh, like a goodnight kiss.


Now, the last thing I do in a day, before dreams take over, is listen to and watch music videos.  Wild, fun, slow. 

Elicits pleasure, late night familiar. Soothing.

It's okay to feel dizzy. I'm lying down.


On waking, music. And pursuing playlists during the day gives me the same feel good as when I was on my way home to...laughs, good food, fascination...something good. Pretty much every day.


No wonder I listen, and watch. 

Hours of feel good opens the door for...more. Ya? yaya?

Thats what they say.

So, let in a little.


See ya. It's late and time for some bedtime music.


Where's my Bose.