Local Boys, and Girls...

Mischief, fangirling close up

Yes, I have a bias. Or two.

Open Mic in Merritt, BC
Local music at our Open Mic, with Al, Denise, and Robert

Music around me. 


I notice my Local Boys playlist has not only real local  guys and gals. Talent who are Facebook friends, or can bump into at the local grocery store. Or my buddies cuz we do music here in our valley.

But also on my Local Boys playlist is music from right across the country. Canada.

Big country. I am a long way from favs in the east....


(I've been watching Justin Bieber since he was a mid teen on Youtube, back when he was still getting patted on the head for his young mad skills. We'll get to him.)


Talent here and across the country really has to scratch and claw their way.

I'm astonished at the coordinated support that is given to, say, South Korean talent. Scouts out there...

But here there is a lot of freedom to succeed or fail under your own direction.

Slip up on your determination and say good bye to possibilities appearing on your path to wished-for stardom.

A blessing and a curse.


We also have an equality feeling here that keeps us from blatantly supporting amazingness. 


Also a blessing and a curse.

Bobby Garcia, Country and Western Music
Our Bobby Garcia, holding a guitar

Now that I've said that I have to go and do some research. I don't Follow our Local talent in the same way I follow some of the East Asian music I'm obsessed with right now. On Youtube, Instagram, Twitter.

It's normal (although incredible for a Canadian like me) to read a stream of truly adoring comments under a fan-created Tweet GIF of one of the guys, like Jimin of BTS, or Bang Chan of Stray Kids.

And the comments under any pic, GIF, video of Taehyung...holy.

But since they are just expressing what I'm thinking, feeling it makes me feel a rapport.


Around here we say, It's good eh?

And keep the comments about the strand of hair falling across the eye, or those broad shoulders, to ourselves.


So, even this page is an act of courage if I start to talk about the way that guy can hold a guitar. What?


Now that I've started...expect more. 


Here's a couple of music vids to hold us while we hunt down more for this page.

Denise and Al, weekly Open Mic videos posted from their music studio during our Open Mic On Hold for Covid time.

Favs, these two! Music veterans with a history of collaboration.


Now I gotta go ask Bobby if I can post one of his Spotify vids here, cuz, Bobby determined.

Writes his own music, has music videos, a band, a manager. Go Bobby!