Lifetime Smitten

Mischief, a fangirl story

My eye on guys, a history

I've been around for a while.

The Beatles were a fav group when I was a kid old enough to swoon...


Once you get here, the body externals are showing some wear and tear. But the internal "I" is responding from every age it's been.


I have a life theory that we get to be any of the ages we've already gone through. (The mystery is always the years ahead.)


It means we get to choose the age we are, in feeling.

In assessing. In experiencing. In response.

Like, be like a child seeing something for the first time. Like a 35 year old, when facing a career challenge.

Like a 23 year old...


So, add choice to instinct...

It feels like instinct, my responses, when I see a guy doing guy stuff.

That covers a lot of action. lol


Something simple, like wardrobe adjustments.

Like a guy

knotting his tie, or loosening it

taking a jacket off, or putting it on

putting a hand in a pocket, or taking it out

smoothing a collar down, or flipping it up

taking his boots off, adjusting a belt

Ok ok


Imagine a guy with tools, a truck, a big office, a microphone. A performance stage...

Imagine the guy gestures with props, in environments, add music. Add his voice.

Shoulder shrugs, swagger walking, breathing...


My instincts kick in.


"I go crazy on your small gesture." 

Translation in BTS's War of Hormones :) I like it. 


In the music vids I'm watching there's an attention to small gestures... And the fanbase has an extraordinary attention to the small gesture. I'm blown away. And feel a rapport.


Guy gestures, with or without props, a few captured in the FMV's below...)

Discussing all this with a friend a while back, I wrote about this vivid memory...


"So when I was 18…


I went with some buddies into the Shuswap forests. We had two pick up trucks. Us girls and the guys.

There to cut a tree down, we watched as the guys, in the parked truck in front of us, piled out, unloaded a chainsaw, grabbed a rope. put on their gloves…


Boys but men, I thought. Freshly of age. Displaying those man traits- the deep voices, the shoulder shrugs, the confident handling of tools, the easy laughs.

Unforgettable moment of male gender appreciation. 

Acknowledgement of human beauty man-style.

Imprinted.  To my roots. Alerts me, men with that ingrained body language.

Language I love. Love to see, to hear. Touched! to the core.


 Actually, I was 17. The guys tho were 18."


Alerts me, this exquisite awareness of guy gestures. 

Exquisite used on purpose, with this meaning: intense, acute, keen, as pleasure or pain

Hmmm, what can I serve up here. To show what I mean by a "small gesture", like loosening a tie. How about an FMV (full music video, usually a compilation made by a fan). This, with actor Lee Min Ho, in the series, The King: Eternal Monarch, showing guy gestures small to impact. This man can wear a coat. Song Fire by Gavin DeGraw.

Lee Min Ho, king vibe, knows how to take charge. 

This doesn't show his charming side. He has one...


(Apr 21 Note. LMH is in Vancouver, right now! Filming a movie, just 2 hours away by racecar. I'm sure I can feel him emanating!)


This song is inspiring! I think I'll use it for my "No pain, no gain" fitness initiative music playlist.

I'll imagine Min Ho rowing. 

Could I have that in a gif please?

Now I have to find another vid, to balance all that I wrote about Taeyang and his torso.  Spacewise.

Hang on. I can do this.

Got it. Rush.

Chockfull of guy gestures.

I mean, even the storyline is contributing. 

Guys in protection mode.

These guys, Monsta X. Oh man, love.


And this is one where these guys are jumping!

That's a thing. For me. Ive listed songs that have guys jumping in them.... I'll link to it when I find it.

And in the music world, Taeyang of Big Bang, master of taking off a coat. And lots of gg dance moves. Intuitive moves, tuned in. This is an FMV too, which means all the focus is on this performer, music by...Harry Styles? Kiwi.

I think I'll count the driving scenes as guy gestures.

Guy spinning out. Yaya.

Taeyang, warm...


We'll get to Taeyang shirtless but let's not go into overwhelm here. That goes way beyond small gestures...


(Hey! I did it! Posted Taeyang in his Eyes, Nose, Lips. And he is skin smooth naked from his pelvis up. And good jeans. Nice...

Usually the song and dance is enough. Eh? 

But...thanks, Taeyang.)


Note: I watched, mesmerized, once, from beginning to end, noticing the increasing Taeyang-perfect movement as the song went on. The second time, this image... me standing behind him, with my arms reaching around his front. Actually a hands awareness, around his sides, on his chest and down to his jeans.

Hey sorry but that's what my mind did, without me asking.

But...after that moving image, which stretched (stretches) out for the whole song, I...

Oh dang, I really wanted to describe how I bring action and dialogue to my interactions with these performers, these characters.

Way too interactive tho. 

Fascinating I'll just say. (And fun)


 Dang, reading that over today makes me want to start a "Shirtless" page here on Mischief.

I do have a Shirtless Youtube playlist and Taeyang's on it. 

I don't have a lot of songs on it because I'm not putting "shirtless" in the search bar. Random's good.

But, should I?

My chakras are spinning out...

Who am I loving? So many...