KPop 4th Generation

Mischief, a fangirl story

We are in the fourth generation of KPop... About 2017 to present.

The number of groups debuting since the earlier generations is on a steep rise.

A lot of the fourth gen groups are not even registering on Youtube without a specific search.

Not making it into my random mixes.

One's I've run into... A.C.E., Wanna One, Golden Child, The Boyz, TXT


And here are two that come up all the time. Two I've become attached to, they are so committed.

They've both been around since 2018, which almost includes them in 3rd gen.

(And they may be, on some generation lists, since the timelines are not fixed. Beginning of, ending of, transition groups...)

Stray Kids have some good vids.
OMG that is such an understatement. This group kills...

These two, Back Door and God's Menu, have great choreography imho.

Which means fun to watch the guys...

Listen for Felix's deep voice in both.

And look for...oh never mind. That's bias talk.

Ateez is also a group of 8, like Stray Kids.

MV's Answer and I'm the One...

The energy they put into their dance and tunes!

Showing both evolution and throughline of KPop.

"We're still young and wild..."

KPop 4th Generation
Stray Kids, different styles, similar mood & colors

Two repeats below to show two things...

All these KPop groups put out Official Videos, like the four posted above.

However the groups, all gens, also perform their songs on stage, which means choreography and styles changes

And changes from performance to performance in a lot of cases.

It's mind boggling.


Second, from at least 2nd gen on, a feature of the styling in KPop shows up in the next two vids, from Stray Kids and Ateez.

They wear variations of a style. Stray Kids are wearing all black, gold, white. Each a little different.

And Ateez are each wearing a fabric pattern that is made into different parts of a wardrobe.


So, similarities in mood generally, but variety and self expression....

So, God's Menu from Stray Kids again...

And Ateez, I'm the One again...

Recent 4th Gen

Here's two recent debut groups that are already making waves...

So recent, some of these guys are still working their way to adulthood.

Enhypen, boys to men. Let Me In.

"I'll be your boyfriend." Get those girls on board.

KPop fans are the best, so loyal...

Treasure, MMM.

Mmm, love the lyrics, little brats.

And getting the guy gestures down...


Imagine hundreds of kids in Korea, training right now-music, instruments, vocals, dance, costume, languages, promotion.

And Idol shows with youth competing for spots, getting grouped with others.

Getting excited about a possible debut....


In doing research for my Mischief project, learning more about my music and mood passion, I discover the sequence of my Eastern Music obsession. "Generations" of Kpop, CPop, JPop...

It's a phenomenon.

An ongoing discovery for me. So fun to hunt down my preferences and link to them here.

Smooths me, loosens me. 

Let's end for now with a Fourth Gen Girl Group. Aespa!

Same song. Different versions. A third girl grouup that's made it onto my playlist, with this song.