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Mischief, definitely fangirling stories here

3rd Gen KPop 2012-2016

Hard carry, let it flow, let it flow... Got7


Sooo many idols, idol groups during this time. Things taking off, on the Hallyu wave.

EXO, Nuest, VIXX, History, BTS, Got7, Red Velvet, Winner, Astro, NCT, Blackpink, iKon, Pentagon, Victon... Lots.

Did I say EXO? There's so many good ones I may need two pages. Can't wait...

More coming, cuz these music videos are life changing...for me.

Get started with EXO vids on Mischiefs first page.


Got some 4th Gen up already!


But first EXO and more awesome 3rd Gen songs.

EXO rules...

Hey, 4 of my fav EXO tunes are on the first page of Mischief. With credit to them for inserting an obsession hook in me for East Asian Pop music. I tracked some of EXO's who-am-I vids on youtube, watched their MV's. Like the story here on Lotto. D.O's face at the...chicken fight?

I was super excited when I discovered D.O is in several Dramas. Loved him in 100 Days a Prince, although those 16 episodes are a kicker. At least he ended up with the girl.

I like that.

And D.O in the movie Swing Kids. Yikes, talent. Tap dance in a prison camp. I'd love to tell him how impressed I am! Hey, D.O!

You can act. You can sing. You can dance. You are super funny with an expressionless face. Makes me want to make you laugh... You're so cute.

So, I learned early, in this recent explore and curate, reading comments under the vids, that you call your favorite person in a group your bias. And if you get all worked up about another member cuz they are so......he's called a bias wrecker. So...useful.

EXO started with 12 members, and ended with 9, which is still a lot for synchronized and creative choreography, Their music vids are like theatre performances...

Obsession with Suho, Baekhyun, DO, Xiumin, Sehun, Chen, Chanyeol, Lay, and Kai.

Watch for Kai with the bare midriff. He does that, but all of them are buff under their shirts. I think it's a KPop rule. I've seen some pics. 

I don't think so...

Hey, in my lingo, when I call a guy cute I am saying attractive, that covers hot, fierce, and endearing. There is a cultural difference I think, because in an MV where Korean boys were acting cute on purpose, it's all bright smiles and dimples. Adorable.

So I don't want to offend any guys here by calling them cute when they might want to project something else. But, this is my page, eh?

D.O cute, hot, heart shaking. 

Got7, and yep, a girl band...

Got7 debuted in 2014, two years after EXO.

Love this Got7 tune, Girls, Girls, Girls

And there's a move in here that blows me away.

Guys prone on the floor, then they are up in a standing position. What? Slow that down! 

Besides Gen7 just being their cheeky selves.

Girl's Generation is one of two KPop girl groups I like.

This group actually belongs on the 2nd Generation page because they debuted in 2007, 7 years before Got7.

But I can't resist putting these two songs side by side.

The Boys...

More Got7, this just-fun tune Just Right.

Sweet and sassy. About confidence. Great visuals!

I see a lot of vids with this group hanging out with and supporting other groups. I'd be sorry if they are not making music together anymore. But things change. Thankful for the music we have from them. Love technology. It's good to be a netizen....

I'm sorry to hear that this group has not renewed their contract with JYP, one of the big 3-4 entertainment companies. Why? Don't know. I don't watch those vids. 

But I watch this... Hard Carry

iKon, a must see for me...

This tune, Rhythm Ta is on all my playlists right now. Brings back memories of being fan girls with our HS basketball team.... Rule the courts.

Slow down the pace...a romance. Heartbreak. 


Bobby, too cool

The first tume I saw Bobby was in a question and answer vid. No idea why I clicked on it, what I was searching for. But because of it, I hunted down a couple of his own mv's. And from there looped back around to iKon, the group he's a part of. Bobby rap, hot and....

I asked, all the way back on the first page "What makes Bobby of iKon so cool?" This kind of cool...Holup.

Such a good, driving beat. Great vid! Bobby fit.

And when Bobby turns his back and there's a see through circle I jumped, excited (it's a tat). I have a Korean bjd with a circle on his torso like that. 

And this performance. Bobby, endearing... Hands on.

Other rapper and performers watching him. And Widy G at 21 seconds! Love him! (He's posted on the 1st Gen page)


Bobby was 18 at the time...

The other girl group I like (I've watched so few of them),

Red Velvet with Psycho... 

This song so good, the guys like to cover it.

Here's one, the sub group 00 performs their own guyed up cover of Psycho.  With Bomin and Hyunjin.

Hyunjin a part of Stray Kids. I'm biased.

So a 4th Gen's cover of a 3rd Gen Group's tune and choreography. Riveting in a way....

There's more 3rd Gen groups but we're good for now.

I feel really good after a session of listening to and posting music.

Time for a little soma dance to a fav playlist.

Just watching all this action invites interaction. 

Take it in, let it out.

See ya.


Hey, the Bangtan Boys are 3rd Gen... And going strong. Head over to their page, BTS wut?

Hey, back, and I gotta post....

Just watching, right now, these two music videos. History, the group!

Got attracted, and went for more.

Only to learn these guys aren't together anymore. Well, that's too bad I thought.

Just something about their music, their vids, their long legs...

But still, a few to choose from.

And these two, all over my playlists...3rd Gen, Top 20, Soma Move...

Two more, heading towards transition to 4th Gen

Seventeen's Don't Wanna Cry

I love the adoring comments that people leave under the youtube vids...


"i feel bad for the people who don't know this song"

A young 3rd Gen group, Pentagon. Love Shine!

This is one of those songs, music vids that grew on me.

More and more appreciation, good hooks, visuals, fun....

This 3rd Gen page could go on and on...