Mischief GDragon and Big Bang

Fangirl of KPop's 2nd Gen Kings! Smitten!

Photos , facts, vids, and lots of love for GD and his guys...

KPop Big Bang
Big Bang's TOP, Daesung, Taeyang, GDragon, and Seungri

Absolutely a fan.

For a talent lover, this group is full of it.

They led the way for so much of what KPop is. 

Not in action right now. But their music vids and performances live on as if there was no let up.


A lot of music and concerts.

Collabs, real life vids, brands, social media.

Their VIP's...very dedicated fan world. 


A scandal with Seungri at the centre seemed to have a lot to do with changes... Ongoing.


But their work! 

Inspired, cheeky, funny, wild, sweet... And very cool.

GDragon very cool. 



Big Bang classic. This rocketed BB to an enduring stardom. Bang Bang Bang

A dynamic bunch. GDragon leads the way.

All of them dedicated to him and to each other...


And these two...GD and Taeyang. 

My favs in Good Boy, for sure.

My favs

OK G-Dragon. Our Kwon Ji Yong. Born 1988...

GD as music producer-meticulous

KPop G-Dragon
GD current photo. Sleek...

Dang, a fav look

GD Vids... There's lots. Whole concerts with just him.

Ji Yong. A genius creative. I am such a fan. 

A feeling of adore...


A magician....how do I show that? 

What I experience when hanging out with GD...

Okay, that's good for a start. 

I screenshot a lot of BB and GD, And listen a lot.

On lots of my playlists, Each, all, GD...

Hmmm more.  GD as global fashion icon...

Variety... Ji Yong takes chances.

Street fashion, high fashion,

his own take.

And GD hot performer... Performance natural, recognized

GD FMV's. It's all about GDragon...

I'll copy my morning's work, filling my FMV page with great fan work of my fav performers. My fav Mischief guys...

GDragon on there, like he is on pretty much every Mischief page because...

Love this one! Just found it and it's good! GD ya.

This FMV unusual because it uses one of GD's own tracks, Bullshit.

 So, the full effect. GD beauty, his voice a part of it.

So sassy GD. 

Not sure if I'll ever post that actual MV. GDragon so edgy. 


Hot dance moves edit. 

So, gotta... Skin

And all those shots of GD and that chick, wearing a leash?

That's his choreographer... One of them.

Hey, so this FMV plays a lot wherever I am  because it fronts my workout playlist

"No Pain No Gain"...

GD starts me off, and this song works for me to get a sweat on. (Or it would if I did.) Squats, planks, body rolls...

Moving to GD action. Sucker for Pain. Oh ya

Lots of clips from his MV's, like "Crooked".

Inspired...he is, I am...

Let's pop in this FMV, Human.

I choose a lot of hot-for-me content,

But of course GDragon a human (I think).

And has moments...


Actually, Im amazed that he is not at the centre of scandals and recriminations. Because he seems to insist on pushing limits ot creativity and expression.

Is he just that savvy? I gotta think yes.

No page of Mischief is complete without GDragon's music, being, influence.

He is a thread running through my project, holding it together with his cool, his art.

If he was on my Get It Done team, what part would he play?

Hmmm. Im going to meditate on that while I watch and listen to this.

But a sparkle starts at the thought. 


Hey, GD's contribution to my team?

It's gotta be inspiration. Hot inspiration.

Cool inspiration. Edges, but no limits.

Focusing on GDragon a creative space.

Thanks GD. Following that lit path...



GDragon, the start and end of it all.... Love

Back to KPop 2nd Gen... LOTS of BB and GD

Gotta go to Love at 1st Sight... GD there. And Taeyang.