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My explore jumps around, so lay out a sequence...

Wut? Here before I've got this page done? Never done maybe.

More coming. Lots here though.

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KPop. It all starts...

A quote about KPop..."KPop has become uniquely popular nowadays. Because of its addicting melodies with inspiring lyrics, outstanding choreography, and production quality, and with stunning, charismatic artists who spend years of training, became known worldwide." (from KPopStarz)  I gotta agree....

KPop heading for global success...

Here's a bit of fact info now to go with all my emotional responses, my mood and music pursuit.

It gives my listening, watching, and experiencing more pathways of understanding.

Lifelong-learner-urges mixed with a current fxxk-it, soma dance-to-it vibe. I'm getting used to it.

Ran into Rain, searching for KPop, on a random playlist.

My Youtube searches were gathering in some good music. KPop, the sound. The moves. 

But this one caught my attention cuz it was more a sound I was used to here (in the west), more like what I have listened to. Over the years.

And when I watched it, these moves were slowed down. Relatively speaking. And not as crisp. 


I pursued several Rain performances. Fun! 

Made sense to me that some of his MV's have been around for a while, and show Hip Hop influences.


And when I researched KPop history, sure enough Rain is one of KPop's "1st generation".

So happy to post this, Hip Song

This is hip song rock tonight.

Love a guy in a white shirt.

Snappy back up guys... But a relaxed vibe.

KPop is recognized to have four "generations". From the time it started, in the 90's, KPop has gone through an evolution marked by the different groups, idols, soloists...


But who's on first?

Watching vids on KPop history describe the collective goals of South Korea giving way to a rise of democracy and individualism. And who, in the music world gets the most credit? 

Seo Taiji. Described as the most influential KPop artist in history. The story of his revolutionary music and style led the way to changes in the whole culture. The young people went crazy for the new energy and social commentary in Seo Taiji's music, with influences of hip hop, heavy metal, rock, and the new rap music genre. Pursuing individualism, Seo Taiji was the embodiment of something rebellious. And South Korea led the way in East Asia, getting beyond traditional music, ballads and trots (like country music). 

KPop begins...

Seo Teo Taiji and Boys (Yang Hyunsuk and Lee Juno). 

Only 4 years of music, but life changing in the culture.

1995's "Come Back Home".

Awards-International Viewer's Choice Award for MTV Asia. Golden Disc Award for Most Popular Song

1st Generation KPop... 1990 to 2002 ish

Let's give a quick run down of the performers in each generation, an MV to go with, then come back for more stories...


So, first gen 1990-2000 Seo Taiji and the Boys

Shinhwa, S.E.S, Sech Kies, Turbo, G.O.D., Fly to the Sky, and H.O.T.

Rain, Hyori, and BoA were well known solo artists.


And if I've got this right, three music industry companies SM, JYG, YG, got going with an...interesting approach to "finding" Kpop idols and forming groups. "Management agencies in South Korea offer binding contracts to potential artists, sometimes at ayoung age. Trainees live together in a regulated environment and spend many hours a day learning music, dance, foreign languages, and other skills in preparation for their debut."

And that began (with SM Entertainment) way back in the 1st Gen era. 

That is so interesting, it needs a whole social commentary page of its own here on Mischief. 


For now, the music...

Oldies but goodies from H.O.T. and Shinhwa.

They say both these groups are still going, since 1998...

More 1st Gen. This from Rain again, showing his travels, some of his influences. Rain is looked up to by the younger generations. Invited to a reality competition show deciding on members for a 4th Gen group... 

And a couple more from Widy G cuz they just it made onto my soma dance playlist while I was researching... A little jazz rap with friends. Jajaja

And Widy G! Or YDG. Or Yang Dong Geun.

I discovered this guy in a KDrama series, I Am Sam. His character, how he played it was strange and amazing. So of course I tracked him down as a performer. 

In this one he shows that slower, more deliberate style of music, dance from 1st Gen. His moves :). This one also shows how popular he is at this event with other performers... Love his backup dance crew!

Yang Dong Geun has done a lot of Dramas, Movies, variety shows, music, rap, breakdance.... I'm Bad.

2nd Generation KPop... Maybe 2003 to 2011

TVXQ!, SS501, Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, 2PM. Infinite, Block B...

And Big Bang in 2006!


Okay this is where I came in to KPop. Not that I was watching at the time these groups got going, but Youtube offers up quite a few of these 2nd Gens during general searches.

No wonder!


And the early timing of Big Bang, starting in 2006, explains its different vibe. Not as synchronized or crisp as Gen 3 offers up, but more free flow, one of a kind. 


See what I mean the laid back choreography. And the Big Bang five. With GDragon too cool. Taeyang, best mover out there.


Okay, now that Bad Boy is up, I'm done for the day. 

That's it.

Remember, there's several favs of Big Bang posted on the  Mischief page. I'm going to offer up Big Bang's Bad Boy here. I love this song, love the story, setting, styles. Each of the five with their own style, moves. And a little synchro...

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.


Fangirl talk...

I'm going out to get a GDragon tattoo. Which one?

No tattoo yet, but back and ready for more Big Bang.

Always...morning till night. 

Bang Bang Bang blasted Big Bang's huge, lasting popularity. And the first few bars to start, soooo familiar, eh?

Another Big Bang song I gathered early on. I had already run into Taeyang.

Love the theatrical sets, the chaos, the body art, the hair... the fierce moves. Riveted.

Fantastic Baby.

Getting to know these guys, with every music vid. The mishmash of their vids held together with the common thread of creativity and talent. (And freaking hotness)

Monster, with a touching punchline... 

Da boys... GDragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung, Seungri.

(You just know it's a 2nd Gen group because by the 3rd Gen, a social consciousness of what to show in the vids was narrowing. Sexy, yes, shirtless, not so much. No piles of alcohol bottles for fun.)

But BB, even in 2015. We Like 2 Party... Party on, boys. 

Big Bang Solos... Kwon Ji Yong, or GDragon

After a few BB mv's, compilations, and a solo or two, I was seeing GDragon's brilliance, his genius. Yup. I said it. And see nothing about him that changes my mind... And ultimate cool a part of that. Hooked.

Now I've discovered that GDragon is everyone's idol, even Lee Min Ho's lol (world popular KDrama star of stars)

This MV of GDragon's is posted elsewhere on Mischief. Because...

So here, GD living without limits.

Projecting fearlessness. Nothing to lose. Vulnerable. Crooked...

I am crazy for the expression.

It's a match to my feelings some days. Most.

And I'll post this here, a Big Bang MV. All of the guys here. 

Beautiful song, all their voices reaching in.

What's the GD in it?

I have an appreciation for hugs, affective touch. Expression of care with deep effect. Some of my own people's hugs are life changing. My G used to stand in the living room and say come here. And wrap me in his arms. Time went by in those hugs. Literally and figuratively.

And those memories stay. I'm still wrapped.

So in this video, it's short. Ya gotta pay attention, and it's better in context but at about 2:50m. GD's hug.

I can feel it. I wanna be there. In it. 

I gotta read the story behind this one, Who You. But really love the set, interaction with his adoring fans, moves. Such a relaxed vibe. 

GDragon gets posted a lot to Instagram. Fan pages. 

So loved. He books a lot of fashion shoots, worldwide.

His personal style is crazy... Crazy good.

Crazy now for this vid, Crayon. GD lets loose in his style, colours, expressions, sets. I am caught everytime by the early shaving bit in this. What can I say. GD can't lift a finger without shaking my heart. 

Mad genius. Party scenes again...

Why so serious? Ok, message received, GD.


Wait! More BB Solos Coming!

Man's forearms
Note the comment above. These are my people.

I just can't stand any more right now...

This music and mood Mischief project gets my feelings going. Crazed.

Why do I do it then? Why get myself going on purpose.

 I'm sorting that out. But it is a decision. To match the intense feelings I am having anyway.

Keeps me from breaking things, or wishing I could. All the way to feel good.


But gonna go for a while. 

While I get some shoes on to get out for a walk to the river and cool off, I'm watching 3rd Gen group History's What Am I to You, and crying like a fangirl because they are not together any more. (A reason to cry)


And thinking it's so nice to be a part of a social group who screams at the sight of the veins in a man's arms....

(A reason to scream) 


Ready. Should I take my playlists? :)

More 2nd Gen... (OK, got a little done before and after Big Bang did me in)

Besides Big Bang and the boys with their solos, there are more 2nd Gen songs to fill the spaces inside...

TVXQ! 2 guys. Keep Your Head Down

And this, a little different, a little west flavour.

Great styles, jazz riffs...

And ropes played like bass strings.

I like it! Lots of style, these guys, in their MV's.

2nd Gen's SHINee...a group that's kept going, with ups and downs...

Here's an early one, around 2000, that made it on to an early playlist of mine, Lucifer.

And this current one of SHINee's is on my most recent playlist. 10 years later. Love the styles. Want to show this for art show ideas.

Gather some black feathers, shred a sweater...

Don't Call Me.

2PM! Love this group. They are so much fun!

And two of them, Taecyon and Junho are in KDramas.

I am a fan!  I'll get the names. (Vincenzo!)

But this MV, lively! Hands up! From 2011...

A KPop guyliner era. A fav era ya? Or is it just me?

And their most recent, this year... Make It

We love guys who have lasting power, eh?

Hmmm, some similarities to My House. All after one girl.

What the hey! Spread the love, guys! 

Making a girl choose. Cru-el. I'd have some trouble, but...

Block B! and ZICO!

Gotta make a fuss here about 2nd Gen group, Block B. 2011, just a year before BTS (on the 3rd Gen page and of course, their own).

Stand out member ZICO rapped with BTS's rap star RM....


I'd seen a vid or two of Block B's. But didn't start my Zico obsession until well into Mischief. After Bermuda Triangle.

Swept me off my feet. Now Searching for all Block B's and anything with Zico...

So let's do a rap battle with Zico and Rap Monster...

Cool guys. All that. Cuz that's the game. 

And a Block B fav of mine right now, NalinA. From 2012

I've got the choreo version on September 2021, along with more Zico himself.

Zico's also on my Love at 1st Sight page. Cuz...

KPop Generations
KPop and Bangtan Boys World Domination


On this page, More on the KPop Generations coming.

And my favs and responses.

Hey! Posted 3rd Gen Got7's Girls, Girls, Girls. So fun!

And Stray Kids' (4th Gen) Back Door


But I did get going on the BTS page because I am getting deep into my understanding of what they are about.

And there's this-year events happening to tune in to...MTV Unplugged, the 2021 Grammy's. 1sts. Now their UN gig!

Global impact. It's crazy. All this originating out of a small country. Hallyu, the Korean wave.

Soft power, on the move...

I am immersed in a movement meant to inspire, excite and heal.


How lucky am I. Cuz that's wut every cell in my body is doing, craving...

Hey I've also posted Lifetime Smitten, a short (really short) history of my love of guys. 

And the guys I love, some of them from these early generations. Of course! Big Bang! And, ummm, B.I

Hey! My Big Bang and GDragon page up. A must see.

And musings on my Grief Journey, cuz this Mischief springs from my living alone now, without G...

And the story of my lit cells, a OOAK experience, so it seems.

Play me out.