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Favorite tunes from USA, UK, Latin America... Etc

Global Warm is the name of my playlist that is expanding with some favorite music that is not KPop. Since my recent obsession is East Asian music - music from KPop idols, groups, soloists - most of Mischief is full of links to those music videos.  


However, as a westcoast BC girl, I have fav music from here, from across Canada, from the US, from the UK, from everywhere on the globe.

And I have been smitten all my life, with music from lots of genres. I grew up with classical music and blues and hit my teenage years with rock music, folk and pop tunes. I developed a taste for jazz, tune in to international music, and enjoy country music usually at live at local events.


So I'm going to link to some of that all-over-the-place music that warms me right now....

Since I just watched that Golden Globes show recently, here's two that made it onto my Global Warm playlist...

Harry Stiles is growing on me. Such a brat, he's hard to resist. Watermelon Sugar...

And I loved his performance of this at the Golden Globes but it has disappeared from my playlist (What?)

And brand new to me, this. Black Pumas, Colors. Really hard not to get up and hit the dance floor when this comes on. Rhythm throughout. 

I adore this song. mellow, with feeling.

A couple of songs I listen to all the time, hunting down trails...

So different, so what's my common element?

Music I got turned on to while gathering Bachata dance videos...

I just love this music video! Yes, power of energy. lol

Hey guys! That's what you get for not helping these girls out. What could have gone wrong?



And this song has its own playlist, different versions and covers , until I have heard it enough to settle down

Molly Sanden, from Sweden, with Utan Dig. Just the music. The other version I listen to is a bachata dance which is great to watch but the sound quality isn't as good. Good dance music.

While this song drives me crazy with warmth and story (possibility for the story to be so personal when I can't understand the lyrics) I have it repeating 3 times on a playlist. 

Never want good songs to end.

Music from friends' favs. Want more....

From JR's playlist. Outkast with Ms. Jackson. I love watching this, these guys. So awesome, I love them both. They endure, and then the light in last scene. Yaya. The words not the thing here for me. The beat, and the faces. 

X-Cell with You're the Reason. I am blown away by this. I am caught by it whenever I hear it. One note...that's it. Then it's the rhythm and the, what, harmonies? Because the one note is the melody. Whatever. I like it. A lot.

And spinning off searches... More Utan Dig, a duo. And the other performer with her, Newkid. Also Swedish. His music video Lakan - a performance. I am stunnned with the music that I come with on my Searches. There is nothing like music.

The funny thing is, I recognize a song more quickly if I see it. Watch the music vids. The stories, visual.

Set to amazing music. The music leading. I'm following.

Found this kid Taj Farrant, on a search. I listen. So good. And watching him play, getting into the music. Rock Ballad Jam. Listen!

And I had only heard him playing his guitar. Had never heard him sing a whole song. Taj Farrant with Just Can't Sleep.

Sweet and Wild. 

How about Jonathan Roy... Yaya, the performances, his people, the music, his voice.

Linking to these songs, listening as I go, watching the visuals as I go, just hits me through and through.

With a concentrated cellular bliss.

Makes me grab my scalp.

Thankful that when life hits, these searches and playlists offer up my background music.

And hours where it's front and centre.


I'll leave this for now, with a warm tune Steve Atlas talks about.

How had I not heard this one? Now on several playlists, including one that's still private, "Get a Room"....

Always loved it at a dance when things slowed down enough to get close.


Hmmm ya.


Global Warm offers up music that is slow dancing magic.

Now I'm finding lots of global originals covered by my East Asian music magicians. lol

Like Gaho