Chakras Spinning...

Mischief, a fangirl story enhanced with kundalini energy

Chakras spinning, kundalini rising.

Hey...just setting up this page gets the lights flashing throughout my being.


Chakras spinning, kundalini rising has always been a focus for me. Started young.

I can remember sitting in a bus station, about 20 yrs old. And passing the time until my ride came with a kundalini meditation. The bus trip a trip.

I have no trouble hanging out in waiting rooms.


These past few months tho have been something else. 

Kundalini rising. 

Call it up! Or just be....

It's happening.




Descriptions all over Mischief...


Chakras, kundalini. Do you believe that shit? Uuuh yes I do.

A useful description of energy moving. Which it does.

Energy rising, localizing, diffusing. 

Top ten tips to do that: 

1. Breathe 

2. Imagine a snake coiled at the base of your spine... wtf 

Can I imagine a, ummm, beam of light instead? Or, a bunch of little lights? 

Sure. Whatever works.


3. ... (Go ahead. Fill in. We all know some.)


Effects, these or whatever.

We say listen to your gut.

(Who's we?)

One way to see it, feel it...we all spiral, and move energy up, down, around, back up. For a lifetime. Unaware, or aware and deliberate about it... 

Changes in kundalini movement, chakra spinning, can be enhanced by awesome experiences, on-purpose meditations. And caused by intense serendipitous experiences. And trauma.

I've always asked the powers-that-be (the never ending inner me)

to keep me on the path of energy awakening gently, gradually. No hurry. Power of intention, eh?

(Cuz kundalini awakening can be sudden, and overwhelming. And can wreck you. For a spell.)

I've been on the path to self-realization (my version of god) since I was a teen. Awareness as a child.


However, things are speeding up, for a while.

And I feel...stimulated.


Music cranks it up a notch. Or smooths or soothes it. Or cranks it up.

Music to get a rise out of you...


This is a first chakra tune.

Safety, tribe.

I'll get the link to more, someone's work to link up music to the chakras...


Recognizing an awakening, a drop into a creative, personal space, is a reason I keep immersing in the mood and music.

Why stop? A hedonic and eudaimonic experience all wrapped up in one. Pleasure & meaning.

A lifetime throughline that has guided so many of my choices...


Right now it's pleasure laced with pain.

Part of my grief journey, an intensity workout. (For me)


Kundalini rising is contributing to increased fangirl behavior.

Causing mischief.


Sounds like a weather report.

I'll keep you updated on where those chakra energies are wreaking havoc. Maybe.

We're on a whim here.

So, I described all this to my older daughter, who's a PhD pain expert. 

She's like ya mom, trauma creates...yada yada.

(Hey ya. I've had trauma. Who hasn't eh?)

Bringing on the science to offer up more visuals to imagine the magic of lit cells. Buzzing.

Hey thanks! Grief trauma delivering more kundalini awakening. From my base to my fontanel. 

Who'da thunk? Unexpected affect of loss of a fave, a bias. 


And what about this feeling I have if I wake at night? I'd like to offer myself up to science research.

Hook me up and tell me wtf is that not quite pain, not quite pleasure tingle, in different parts of my body.

Its pervasive, it moves, and moves when I do.

And no, it's not like "my foot's asleep". It's different.

These days I notice it as soon as I'm in bed and self aware. (Uh oh, before I go to bed now, anticipating...)

It's there when I wake from sleep, during the night and in the morning. And it's getting wild. 


Once I'm up and around, that awakened cell feeling I have is more definitely pain or pleasure.

Interesting. More thoughts attached?

Background ache, heart clutching pain to mild pleasure, or all the way to euphoria

...and it's euphoria with an intensity range.





And it's coming up.

We are used to a buzz that lights up our base right?

A couple of months ago the buzz hit my chest. 

I was experiencing lots of fond feelings and when I stopped to check origins, a feeling of heart aliveness.


(with a breath it flows up into the throat... Go with it. Who doesn't like to feel love?)


Let's experiece that for a while.


i love you so bad

Feelings of love? Heart chakra? Has listening to The Rose and their sweet songs been causal? an affect? ILYSB...


Now, after a spell of vertigo for days, my head...

A soft pleasant feeling up here in my skull. I thought it was just from a good day yesterday, all day.

But it's here again today and I'm having trouble following processes.

Like the steps to make coffee. How to create a photo album. Things I do all the time. But it feels nice.


It's just has a feeling of anticipation. Just like how it hits all my other chakras.

And my thought, again, how am I going to satisfy this exquisite feeling of anticipation...

It has familiar elements (pleasure has always been a guiding pursuit),

But I am at a place in my life that I have never been before. 

What are my coordinates? Where is this all going?


a life journey. art itself.

turn on the music. change the mood. or enhance it.

notice, where's my snake

it's rising 


Navigate me. 


Where do we go from here?

How about my latest mind and body music obsessions?


or who's the talent creating cell buzz love in me these days?

Speaking of Euphoria... Just BTS's Jungkook here. His voice, euphoric. Jungkook. Getting high.

i'm so happy till i can't breathe


Omg I could start a page here on the quick takes I get when I rest my focus on a guy...

Entertaining! Surprising! I am like a mind-body reader. Where's your lit. A chakra intuitive. 

I want to set up a gypsy tent and do readings.

Let me tell you what kind of love you do (or would)...

But I'm caught in my own warm daydreams.


Should I tell you what a focus on Jungkook brings up? 

It begins with a close slow dance...

Oh stop, one of me says. Who asked you?


Let me distract you or myself with a link to a master chakra spinner. My guy Tae...