BTS's Taehyung. Irresistable.

Mischief feels a centre. Why Taehyung?

Perfect fangirl choice.

I have discovered a world of adoration centred around Kim Taehyung...after discovering all those qualities that Tae's fans are drawn to, on my own, first. Lost in my own world of Mischief. Watching, listening, appreciating. Affected, often. 

That voice, those moves, those looks... In a thinking, feeling being living in the present moment. Fascinating.

Yep. Ima fan.

BTS Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung (V) - worldwide fav, cute, talented, super nice, sassy, and smart

My fav. Sweet Night.

Written as a collab with an actor buddy, for a good KDrama Itaewon Class...

Singularity, an art piece.

Breath is a part of Tae's sound.

BTS Taehyung
Taehyung theatre, style
BTS Taehyung
Tae's performances-voice and dance. Unparalleled
BTS Taehyung V
Taehyung calls himself "V"
BTS Kim Taehyung
V sets his own fashion style, like headbands
BTS Kim Taehyung
Suit styles are a fav of Tae's

Okay! Taehyung's Mischief page happening....

I linked to this page from my Chakra Spinning page, describing Tae as a master chakra spinner...

Because he stimulates all the chakras...root of all, creativity, self awareness, heart, expression, mind, and spirit flowing from our tops... Come in anywhere Tae, move up, move down. My chakras spinning.

I am smitten. In love. 

Along with millions. 

Musings one night...


If my Kpop world obsession had a circus, Taehyung would be the Ringmaster.

Yep. I can see it.

Tae's sweet but essentially an in-charge creative. 

With the ability to juggle multiple levels of action. With genius. And joy.


RM in charge of how it all runs. Because he's got the vision and the smarts.

Who else, is doing what?

Well we know Jungkook does high wire.... (Euphoria, eh?)

And, reaching outside BTS talent, because I do...


I know I'd be somewhere watching B.I get his act ogether. Something edgy. Maybe a sword guy.

B.I fun to watch in creative mode. Shhh He'll snap at you if you distract him.


If I got snapped at, I would go find Zico. He'd be having fun somewhere, with his guys.

But here's a couple of vids of Tae just hanging out at home, singing along to a couple of others' tunes...

The human Tae...

So Taehyung's voice is a thing.

Deep, or high, all good. Lots of breath, angelic.

Tae's songs spread out here. 

Sweet Night and Love Yourself above.

Winter Bear 

He has a part in every BTS song, so check out that page.

Love Tae in Danger, in War of Hormones, and in Butter. 

Well in anything. How I found Tae to begin with. A night I will never forget.


I feel grateful for my beginning with Tae, because it was voice focused. I fell over.


My response to Taehyung's voice was so strong it would't have mattered much who he was or how good he was, or how goodlooking he was. 



To pursue his voice and find the man he is, is mind boggling.

The looks, the talent, the fascinating personality, the smarts, his appeal.

And to have him hooked up with this group, RM, the cushion, protection, work, talent, and inspiration that is the Bangtan Boys...

I am reeling. 


I returned to Twitter after weeks of Tae immersion, BTS immersion.

This time as a geeked out immersed KPop fangirl.

Following all my fav groups and all my biases.

IDing as a multi stan and retweeting stellar photos, gifs, and great vid edits. 


I follow a lot of Tae fan accounts and my feed is full of the love for Tae.

And reading their descriptions of his voice, I was like, right on mang.



Smooth, like velvet...

Taehyung's song and voice... Scenery. Fan made MV I think...

And the sound of V singing in English


Taehyung starts us off here, Blue and Grey.

Then the BTS guys join, the talents they they are.


Then a bit of Blue and Grey, in English, just Tae.

Hey just random searching came up with this.

Looks like a casual hook up with NLve! Cool!

And so I dont have to jump around, to hear Winter Bear...

Such a sweet song. Slow vibing like you do. Thx Tae...

With all my heart...