Mischief, Bachata Love

Maybe a Fangirl Story

More Context for this Music and Mood sequence

Welcome to my Mischief project, recording my mind talk as I navigate a Music and Mood pursuit.

Links! To the music vids I am talking about. 

If you are here, I'm not sure how, cuz it's like a hidden page. Not literally but might as well be.

I'm good with that. Sometimes want that to be literal (the hidden part) then don't do anything about it. Whatever.

Not here to please anyone but myself. And gotta say, this music journey is so...pleasing. 

Before I get started talking about my recent Bachata/Kizomba/Zouk dance passion stage...


My music vid explores are moving fast. I cover a lot of ground in a day. South Korea, China, US, Mexico, Brazil UK... Who says we can't travel?

Yesterday I watched vids on the different generations of KPop. That's context for sure!


And discovered I bumped into the early stages of this genre, in my early stages of Searching. See Page 1 if you want to.

And again will post-to-the-top, this MV of Big Bang's GDragon in his ever popular Crooked. Still getting lots of airplay after years, 2006/2nd Gen.


This is a signature song for my journey, causing deep relaxation on really watching it the first time, and still....


Music and mood. So again.  Cuz, fxxk it, eh?

Bachata Dance, magic for a romantic...

So, sometime mid 2020, I found my way from my 2Cellos love to Bachata dance.

And Kizomba, And Zouk. 

I've always loved couple dancing, brought up when we all learned to waltz, foxtrot, polka, two step. 

However, in my teen years we were all dancing free style and only getting our hands on each other when a slow dance came up. So, gotta fondness for slow dances... 

Watching a Bachata dance was an experience. High level hands on. Ummm, sexy.

Our school dance chaperones would never have stood for it.

I would have wanted lessons.

With someone.

I immersed, as I do. 

Watched countless dances, sorted out the Bachata worldwide community, was exposed to related styles of dance. Like the slow African (Angola) Kizomba, and Brazilian Zouk. 

And Bachata, a social dance from the Dominican Republic.

I knew Salsa, love Latin music. Bachata is slower.


I pursued all three...slow dances, eh? 

They are related in the Searches, in the vids that showed up when Youtube is doing its best to give you what you seem to want. Crossovers with lots of the dancers dancing more than one style.

I'm a fan! 


I'll post several of the best dancers, and a fav dance for each.

So, Marco and Sara. Marco an amazing lead...

Hmmm they all are. They have to be. But, Marco.

Daniel and Desiree. Incomparable. All matched up! They are crazy for each other. I follow them on Instagram...

Ataca and Alemana. Very cool couple. Ataca, one of the reasons these guys are called Bachata Kings. And Alemana is like the Beyonce of Bachata. In charge.

One of the first Bachata couples I watched, Cornel and Rithka. I can imagine what fun this would be.

Gotta have a partner, and 10,000 hours. 

And Egi Maciulus (Still sorting out his name), here with Migle, in a street cafe improv. I follow him. He has a variety of partners and places. And is a sweet lead.


Isabelle and Felicien, here with a bit of Kizomba, on the street. Like many of the well known dance couples, these two found each other after discovering Kizomba.

Zouk, with extraordinary in-tune couple, Anderson and Brenda. It's 7 minutes. Starts slow and picks up. Beautiful Australian song Spirit Bird, by Xavier Rudd.

All of these dancers, and dance couples have a story. Remarkable passion for dance, and to pass on that love to others.

And to each other. Couples dancing is such a great path to intimacy. Ya?


Some of the songs of the dances I've chosen are not Latin music. (There's lots on my playlists.)

1. The dancers themselves are working with music producers to change up popular tunes that are amazing to dance to.

Or some music is just perfect as is, for the dance genre, like Spirit Bird.

2. I am currently tracking down songs I love, but don't know, to add to playlists. And lots of the ones I like show up on these music/dance videos. So I get to track them down. Love watching and listening to these...


This immersive pursuit, of Bachata/Kizomba/Zouk kept me warm and during that summer and into the fall.

I needed every bit of feel-good I could get at the time.

Missing G. A lot.

After a long satisfying era with my own dance partner (one day with an affectionate hound, and the next, without), I experienced, am experiencing, a surprising heightened cellular alertness  that recognizes, and reaches for, the beat of warm and wild music (break shit, grab on to shit)

My love of romance didn't die with G. It's a throughline.


 What can I do? 


.....I've discovered, I can, somehow, magically, connect with a possible, a potential...dance partner.

What a thought. Wicked. And warm...


Janis and Zoe here, dancing to Chris Isaak's Wicked Game.

Sooo fun on Instagram, amusing, entertaining.

But when they settle in to a Bachata choreo, it's all focus and love streaming....  Mmmm, share.

I moved on from this Bachata dance immersion. On Mischief anyway. 

Always stopping to watch tho...my Insta feed filled with my favs, and randoms.

 I want to post more here. I listen to the playlists I've created on YouTube Memedreams, when I'm in the mood. 

Bachata Ya. Pretty much sequential, and adding now and then.

I love love love Bachata music, and remix covers of great tunes. Like thisWicked Game.  


There is so much more! Couples, and switch ups, that are so good, and fun to watch. 



What's next?

How about Rain...

And the KPop Generations

Rain 1st Gen. What a dancer lol.


Or those Bangtan Boys. BTS a phenom...