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My Latest Fangirl Finds...and musings Pg 4

Hey and for big, motley collection of playlists go to Meme Dreams on YouTube.

Sequences, artist focuses like Zico, a fav.

Or curated playlists like my latest finds, or music Id listen to every day, work out or dance playlists. Or one of my favs... Get a Room lol Music to play by...

Randomding...Current sequence of Music and Mood


Coldplay, daily, one way or another.

Some, covers by some fav artists.

This one, memories of covers at our Open Mic, back when.

Scientist, love...

And this bit of fun foolishness.

An offering from a friend.

Life Itself. Biutiful

August 2022

Great song to dance to...

Bachatad up! Kiss Me 

It's summer! Beach Dance!

Daniel Y Desiree, Bachata. So good.

Outside or in...the summer brings a romance vibe.

Near or far, its felt within. Choices....


July still 2022

And we've got music...


First, let's pay a tribute to Elvis.

We just had an Elvis Festival here in small town BC.

I didn't go. So much action in our hamlet.

Loved Elvis back when. Who didn't? Who doesn't.

But this, a combo then...a cover by a top star fav.

Love GDragon, artist nonpareil. This one a surpise...

Sup GD? 

And just featured at out "Summertime in Spirit Square".

the newly formed group "Atlas".

With our own Steve Atlas...

(For more on this talented local, check Local Boys page)

Steve's a mover and a shaker, barely cracking adulthood.

But on it.

Gathered like minded talent, and out to perform and play.

So rock and roll. So fun to watch. 


Here's Steve and the Atlas Band with their first single, Queen Sized Lover

Play it, stream it. Get these guys on the map.

Now, this morning...new releases.

I see a theme. Kind of Zombie apocolypse.

Those Koreans, for a conservative culture generaly...can I say that?

Very current. Mood, visuals...

Zico! Another top fav, watch all his diverse music.

Have I started a page for him? Worth a page.

He's on so many Mischief pages...

Like, who do I love. So many reasons to love Zico.

Just out of military service. 

Back in action. This one with Block B flavour.... Freak

And DPR IAN... Dream Perfect Regime

Edgy. I definitely follow.

This one a series, like stories... Moodswings

Have to look this up

And love this from Jackson Wang, from the very popular-now disbanded group Got7.

Jackson funny, and good. Making his own way.

I like the boy-girl action in this. Breathing each other.

Mmmya. Cruel

Ateez, an outstanding dance and music group. 4th Gen.

Always a committed act. This one too, Guerilla.

A whole album out...

It's July 2022...

Let's do a playlist of music to run in the background of some Friday night fun....

Something with a consistent mood. 

With no interruptions...

This works. Cigarettes After Sex... Ya?

June 22 Wut the hey?

The other day, I was relaxing into my full-on BTS playlist.

I add as they show up. But hadn't stopped to listen to what I had collected for months.

This one, Heartbeat, leapfrogged into first fav...

(along with...maybe Save Me and Airplane Part 2)

I looped it. The voices...

Since I mentioned this as a fav, I'll post this link again.

Airplane 2. BTS sassy guys.

The variety! A genre themselves, someone said. Agree.

My mixes are all over right now. YouTube doing its best to keep up. So, Conan Gray.

Conan new to me. This one, Yours, every day right now. 

On my Global Warm playlist (and several others now).

And YouTube offering up a variety of songs new to me.

Current music. Current feels. Interesting. Love this...

And Olivia Rodrigo follows Conan in the YT playlists, several.

I like Happier. Superlative. Happy, not happier.

She probably gives you butterflies. Oh ya...

June 2022

Park Bo Gum, Korean actor
Park Bo Gum, Korean actor

I got my KDrama page going! 2 years of watching series and movies.

Especially series, often with 16 episodes.


Ive got some of my favs on there so far.


Love Bo Gum. Sweet...

Just watched him in a touching movie, Seo Bok with Gong Yoo (so good too).

Loved him in Encounter, a series.

And the period piece, Love in the Moonlight.


Right now tho, two series happening, so new I'm waiting for the next episodes.

Why her? About a smart, embattled lawyer   With a young actor I love ,Hwang In Yeop. And more, in a great cast. Wicked.

And Eve, with one of my fav female leads, Seo Ye Ji. Brutal family and class dynamics!

Loved her in It's okay Not to Be Okay. Those first two episodes!


I've started a list of common elements in KDramas, like the umbrella scene.... So fun.


I hunt for KDramas on Netflix, but also get lots from the Rakuten Viki App...


June 22

Always stop to watch this, one of 4th Gen Ateez's MV's.

These guys, dance and mood masters.

So much respect! Deja Vu...

And new! A mix of images from Monsta X's recent tour.

I so wanted to  head to Toronto and watch their concert!

Great performers! Lots of variety! And each so... So... 

May 2022...almost done

Before we take a right turn into some unexpected but very familiar music...


Gotta get sweet B.I in here with his new tune out.

He's collaborating, creating...


They must have had fun putting this vid together!



And let's get the dance practice version in...

BI always worth watching with his relaxed-but-choreographed moves, here with his talented crew.

Go BI, love. We're riveted.

(I am riveted....)

When in love, powerful and reckless with love

You stagger...

BI says

It's May... And we are still adventuring                                       2022


And because...sometimes you just want 2 hours uninterrupted. 

So Youngso, you are on love. 

Play us....

May 2022

So, gifts of music I receive! Thank you!

This guy, Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian pianist, new to me...Ive added a full playlist.


But wait, This one I've heard before.

The music to this beautiful music vid on my Bacahata Ya playlist for months.

One I definitely stop to watch...

So, ethereal music, and sensual dance.

What a great combo, eh? Eh?

Heavenly with earthy cells buzzing.

Made it to May 2022

I watch music videos.

I listen to the music all day, and sometimes I stop and watch.

I love music videos...


I love to watch singers. 

I'm fascinated how they turn their bodies into musical instruments.

Knowing exactly how to arrange the body, breath, throat, mouth, to get exactly the note they want out. 

I love the expressions, the emoting, how much they move their bodies to express, or in response to the song.


So here...these covers by a couple of my fav singers.

And find Ha Hyunsang on my Covers page...


KPop Hoppipolla Ha Hyunsang
Ha Hyunsang is so fun to watch sing. Feeling in micro movements...

Tonight Gaho on a YouTube playlist, YouTube serving me up what and who I like.

I love Gaho, whether he's like this, singing a cover into a mic, or rocking out in a music vid. He's fun. And his voice... Holy. I'm a fan. Lover


Kehyun of  a fav group, Monsta X.

I was surprised by this one day. Definitely watched. 

And after pursuing him in YouTube vids for a bit I see him differently now when he's with Monsta X.

I adore him. Sweet, hot, good. Believer

April 2022


This month immersed in a whole different genre of music.

Besides my non-stop loves on countless playlists.

Thanks to an unexpected and entertaining contact. Omg.

Already come and gone. Just the music left.

All about romance, love, and heartbreak. Nothing like it.

So, a new playlist I've called Warm Emo...


This, Bad Dancer, and this leads to many more.

Sweet, warm, loving.

Im in the grips of the masters...

This week. Unparalleled.

(Sounds..hyperbolic. Do we need to settle down here? Hmmm. Later.)


Big Band Still Life. Hold me up...

BTS Grammy vids,,,and Butter. Love


From one master to another.

What can I say.

Life is sweet...

Note... My experiences these months, wild. 

Experiencing them as if I'm alone in the universe, all the beings I am enjoying, real but not within reach.

Big Bang
Big Bang...here with all 5. Masters for sure. Talent. Love.

Omg. A Big Bang comeback. 

How sweet it is to ride this wave, from Big Bang discovery to this moment. Still Life.

With the core four members...

Artist and leader GDragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and rapper TOP. Four chairs .

Seungri still...involved with his scandale, so out.

This good. Omg so excited. 

And BTS at the Grammy's 2022. Awesome.

Nominated for summer's Butter.

And performed it! Was great!

And all the pics and vids. Love Twitter!

Omg BTS heat. Buzzing the surround.... Taehyung.


Omg. April shaping up to be as wild as I feel... Rapport

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Taehyung love...