Mischief Running Commentary

Randomding...Current sequence of Music and Mood

My Latest Fangirl Finds...and musings Pg 5

Hey and for big, motley collection of playlists go to Meme Dreams on YouTube.

Sequences, artist focuses ...like Zico, a fav. And Big Bang, EXO, BTS, so many

Or curated playlists like my latest finds, or music Id listen to every day, and work out or dance playlists.

Or one of my favs... Get a Room          Music to play by...

Months sliding by...with a few changes to my music loves...

One change...BTS members off to their compulsory military duty. So the individual members are stepping up. And this one, Suga's with The Rose's lead Woosung.

Love this... 

November, changes coming. Thunder and lightening. Feels like.

I have dropped into a state of longing.

Lol what am I saying? I live there. We live there. Off and on. Eh?

Longing, inspires the pursuit of immersion, open to the full feeling.

Turning into... Longing satisfied. Hey.


Music hits. Expresses. 

Sweet. Paradise, this could be paradise.

Lyrics and music. My life in wordplay...

Coldplay masters

And that Ed Sheeran. Dang.

Often hits the mark, like in All the Starts

October, a lull. Not in music listening. But in Mischief expressing.

But this. An Imagine Dragons Fav...

While my life sorts itself into new patterns....

And love this from a movie I watched a while back.

Listening to music full of emotion...

September 2022

This,...   J Hope from BTS and...    And more, soon