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My Latest Fangirl Finds...and musings Pg 4

Randomding...Current sequence of Music and Mood

May 2022

So, gifts of music I receive! Thank you GC!

This guy, Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian pianist, new to me...Ive added a full playlist.


But wait, This one I've heard before.

The music to this beautiful music vid on my Bacahata Ya playlist for months.

One I definitely stop to watch...

So, ethereal music, and sensual dance.

What a great combo, eh? Eh?

Heavenly with earthy cells buzzing.

Made it to May 2022

I watch music videos.

I listen to the music all day, and sometimes I stop and watch.

I love music videos...


I love to watch singers. 

I'm fascinated how they turn their bodies into musical instruments.

Knowing exactly how to arrange the body, breath, throat, mouth, to get exactly the note they want out. 

I love the expressions, the emoting, how much they move their bodies to express, or in response to the song.


So here...these covers by a couple of my fav singers.

And find Ha Hyunsang on my Covers page...


KPop Hoppipolla Ha Hyunsang
Ha Hyunsang is so fun to watch sing. Feeling in micro movements...

Tonight Gaho on a YouTube playlist, YouTube serving me up what and who I like.

I love Gaho, whether he's like this, singing a cover into a mic, or rocking out in a music vid. He's fun. And his voice... Holy. I'm a fan. Lover


Kehyun of  a fav group, Monsta X.

I was surprised by this one day. Definitely watched. 

And after pursuing him in YouTube vids for a bit I see him differently now when he's with Monsta X.

I adore him. Sweet, hot, good. Believer

April 2022


This month immersed in a whole different genre of music.

Besides my non-stop loves on countless playlists.

Thanks to an unexpected and entertaining contact. Omg.

Already come and gone. Just the music left.

All about romance, love, and heartbreak. Nothing like it.

So, a new playlist I've called Warm Emo...


This, Bad Dancer, and this leads to may more.

Sweet, warm, loving.

Im in the grips of the masters...

This week. Unparalleled.

(Sounds..hyperbolic. Do we need to settle down here? Hmmm. Later.)


Big Band Still Life. Hold me up...

BTS Grammy vids,,,and Butter. Love


From one master to another.

What can I say.

Life is sweet...

Note... My experiences these months, wild. 

Experiencing them as if I'm alone in the universe, all the beings I am enjoying, real but not within reach.

Big Bang
Big Bang...here with all 5. Masters for sure. Talent. Love.

Omg. A Big Bang comeback. 

How sweet it is to ride this wave, from Big Bang discovery to this moment. Still Life.

With the core four members...

Artist and leader GDragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and rapper TOP. Four chairs .

Seungri still...involved with his scandale, so out.

This good. Omg so excited. 

And BTS at the Grammy's 2022. Awesome.

Nominated for summer's Butter.

And performed it! Was great!

And all the pics and vids. Love Twitter!

Omg BTS heat. Buzzing the surround.... Taehyung.


Omg. April shaping up to be as wild as I feel... Rapport