You Asked For It!

Merritt Morning Mirror

Welcome! Read the issues here...

The MMM pages are gradually being added.

When we have enough (there are over 400) we hope to add a donation possibility as we have an initiative to create some public art or a how-things-work project. Gord had a great idea around the six simple machines...

The way things work. G was into that.


The First Issue...

Beginning the Merritt Morning Mirror was a rush! In all ways...

Intense and wild creativity from thoughts assembling, to the printed 1st issue. 3 weeks.

Many decisions made, details looked after, outreaches made, and materials collected.

I listened, responded, watched, and participated in any way I could. Breathtaking creation.

It was lit.

That's the first issue!

We want to bring you the Merritt Morning Mirror in its entirety! 

A few issues at a time, until they are all up. Over 400!

And we want to figure out how to accept donations for a community minded project in Gord's name.

Gord contributed to the community of Merritt in the Nicola Valley for over 12 active years

with his writing and journalism...


Check our Facebook page "Merritt Morning Mirror", dedicated to Gordon Cockle and his writing.

And it's a place you can tell your stories about Gord and the Mirror.

Or about Gord and his other community endeavors. Did you know he was in charge of the Community Work Service Program for a while? Putting the bad guys to work? Or the not-so-bad-guys?

Definitely stories there. That was before the Mirror....


And the reason this whole MMM project is on hold right now?

My dissolving into grief coping, with memories and moods strong enough to melt me...

My own journey with it, through it. Laced with intense music.

And perhaps a return here. My intention....