Creative Community

I imagine that an inspired thought, that creates a good vibration, spreads. So, in our Creative Community, meme creation....

creative community
Children's Art Festival

A creative community inspires, accepts, nurtures and acknowledges its participants.


The members of a creative community innovate, collaborate, cooperate, communicate, initiate and...create.


From young to old, celebrating diversity, and recognizing a variety of creative expressions, a creative community provides excitement, motivation, and support.


A creative community is:

  • curious 
  • collaborative
  • committed
  • resilient
  • courageous 
  • productive

We live in a creative community...


In a Creative Community, choose a positive direction...

Our creative community is always ready for authentic change in positive directions!

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OMG Covid... A creative community adjusts.


Our latest art shows at the Nicola Valley Gallery

I'm the curator, and think up the shows with my friends and colleagues...

Art by Nancy Ellingsen

Poster by Kim Leclair

Just passed...

"Art of Covid, Creativity Persists"

Part of a trilogy...Wash. Your. Hands.

                                   By Nona Tickner

And before that..."Street Art"

A collaboration project with the City of Merritt. Public art coming...

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