Past  Art Gallery Shows

Gallery Shows 2022


It's 2022 and and Ive just set up my 56th show at our Gallery. Fun! Inspiring.


Right now, a Show of Shows...all the posters since 2017 when I came on with the Arts Council.


Fun show and poignant show for me, full of memories!


All posters for this show, except one, were designed by local artist Kim Leclair.


As Gallery Curator, I send Kim a photo, or several photos to choose from, and she creates a one of a kind poster design for the show. Kim is excellent at picking up the tone of the art show and getting that across in this popular form of promotion.


Kim’s graphic design posters for each show are printed to post around the community, and are also distributed on our social media. So all the posters on display currently in the Gallery have been out promoting the shows we’ve had over the five years.


The posters are both eye catching and informative. And they remind us of all the wonderful shows we have put on for our Nicola Valley community.


We collected a variety of frames and Kari Kroeker spray painted them, as a part of her summer job with the Arts Council. I scattered the frames around the walls, informally framing the posters on our gallery walls.


Gathering all the posters was an awesome trip down memory lane for me. From the time I began with the NVCAC until the present, there are so many stories!

Coming Home, our 5th show with the Merritt Senior Secondary School senior students. This year the art and write ups were a touching expression of students' experiences of Covid, and the fires last summer and the devastating floods last fall. Our Nicola Valley affected. The students affected...

Look at these two posters! Must be spring!

Both of these artists paint our valley...our flowers, hills, forests, lakes.

And both very different!

But both committed artists and contributors to our community.

Both changing the arts in the community for the better!

Bev Veale! Painting in our valley for decades... Reminiscences

Shirley Reynolds, a true creative in all areas of her life...

Colour Personified

Creature Comforts was a tribute show. A tribute to the creatures who fill our lives with meaning and joy, during good times and bad. During the fires and floods of 2021, in the Nicola Valley.

The care people took of their animals, and livestock was heartwarmimg. As were the stories of what comfort our creatures offered us during that very difficult time.

Thanks to Miriam Loken and all those who participated.

Long time Merritt resident, Kevin Griffiths, has his photography on display in the Gallery. Photos spanning decades, with people in the community serving up memories as they peruse the show.

Thanks Kevin! Love the night shots!

Gallery Shows 2021

This Winter Artisan show was on for the 6th year. It was planned and designed especially with the help of, and under the direction of, Mischelle Pierce, Jennifer Artibise, and Cindilla Trent.


Lots of beautiful work by our local creatives!

This show features over 30 of our Gift Shop artists and artisans, . And during this annual show we invite more artisans from the community to join us and get their wares out to the community.


This year we set up a week early, just in time for a three week shut down while our Nicola Valey commu ity experiencd a shocking river flood event that evacuated our whole community and destroyed the highways our location is so well known for. Merritt as a hub of roads leading in all directions, became isolated for days, and the highways are still not mended. And some may not be for years, like the highway from Merritt to Spences Bridge.

We were able to open our show again early December but several of our participati ng artists were affected by the floods. Some lost homes, some lost access to town.


We are thankful that most were safe, but know there are long term effects from the natural disaster.

Our community was still recovering from the devastating forest fires that also destroyed homes, land, livestock...for miles around.


The people in the community showed a lot of support over the weeks of this show, coming in to buy gifts, honey, coffee...all local. Thanks to all....

In the fall...Baskets and Bowls. A show with vintage Indigenous baskets from long time artists and resident, Evelyn Armstrong.

And  wood carver Andrew Ruigrok's many beautiful bowls and trays. 

Also Leonard George's basket weave design paintings.

And more!

This was a very local and fascinating show, with photos, soundscapes and videos...

Videographer Frank Ritcey and photographer Bruce Walter spiced up the show with their stories. 

Check out their fcebook pages!

Worth following!

Summer. Visit Experience Nicola Valley for a blog about our creative summer shows! 

Passed now, June 30-Aug 1st.

Body Art: Living Art of Tattoo and Body Adornment.

Tattoo, airbrush, henna artists.

Makeup and hair artists.

Fun show!

 Past Gallery shows...


"Art of Covid, Creativity Persists"

Part of a trilogy...Wash. Your. Hands.


                                   By Nona Tickner

Begin the Year..."Street Art"

A collaboration project with the City of Merritt. Public art coming...

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