Creative Community

In a Creative Community, choose a positive direction...

creative community
Children's Art Festival

A creative community inspires, accepts, nurtures and acknowledges its participants.


The members of a creative community innovate, collaborate, cooperate, communicate, initiate and...create.


From young to old, celebrating diversity, and recognizing a variety of creative expressions, a creative community provides excitement, motivation, and support.


A creative community is:

  • curious 
  • collaborative
  • committed
  • resilient
  • courageous 
  • productive

We live in a creative community...


I imagine that an inspired thought, that creates a good vibration, spreads. So, in our Creative Community, meme creation....

Our creative community is always ready for authentic change in positive directions!

OMG Covid, forest fires, river floods... A creative community adjusts.


Our latest art shows at the Nicola Valley Arts Centre Gallery...

I'm the art gallery curator, and think up the shows with my friends and colleagues...

We focus on our local artists and encourage a variety of creativity.

I am on my 65th show, and planning two years ahead.

Soon we will reach beyond our valley to regions around us.

Creative artists and artisans everywhere.

Gallery Shows 2023

City Arts Program (collab between Arts and City)