2021 Postscript for this page right now. Damage done.

But Uncle Joe has moved into the house next door as head of house, turfed DT, and is repairing holes in the wall.

Putting on bandages. Chicken broth soup on the stove. 

I weep for all the work there is to do. But hey, now I can get on to other projects, eh?


What is here is blog style, sequential bottom to top. 

And leaving it here for now as a choppy record of a life on alert, for months stretching into years. Dang.

Okay, that's it. I'm done. (Quit this commentary back in 2016, when things weren't put to right by smart people then)

I commented on Twitter, sending out warnings and gratitudes.

But really. Who is working to stop this.

There was time.

Political and Social Commentary

Mostly US political for now. Later I hope, it's back to just social commentary, if things are ever back to "normal"!

Post debate relief...

But not for long...


Embedded in the debate was the issue of DT's attitude towards women.

Surfaced with a question from Mr. Holt about what he meant by saying Hillary didn't have "the look". 


Hillary, with the opening,  brought up one more instance of DT's disrespect towards women. And since then LOTS of chat on the mainstream media.


And then, LOTS more instances of DT's rudeness and lack of understanding for what concerns most women.


Not all woman. I have access, like all of us must, to the comments of women who don't like Hillary and what she stands for. And go so far as disrespecting her even over women's issues.


To me, their unpleasant comments are exactly what we, as women, often endure from each other. So sad, so unevolved, so hurtful. So judgemental.


I am hearing Ivanka being brought up as evidence that DT has some respect towards women. But I suggest, that as DT's special princess, she is not on the end of her daddy's vicious attacks against women (women who don't adore him, and say so). Ivanka does adore her dad. And he adores her.

He protects her, he supports her, and will forever, as long as she is loyal.


I am curious how Ivanka justifies her father's rudeness to other women. (She isn't challenged much!) But we know in damaged family systems that we grab onto any evidence of goodness in the abuser, and ignore the badness, so we are allowed to stay in the protected position in the system.

And Ivanka definitely has her father's admiration...in so many ways.


Brings a bit of King Lear to mind...his challenge to his daughters, who loves me most gets the most. Is Ivanka is the truly loving Cordelia? (Although I do see her professing her love. And she has received her share.) Or is she one of the other two, who eventually gets tired of the king and his posse of noisy, rude, consuming men, and fools.  Time will tell. If Ivanka's husband and DT ever had a falling out I would be curious about where Ivanka's loyalty would lie. That would be a tough one for her.


On the women who support DT... Ouch. Attracted by his focussed attention? Impressed with his wealth? (An instinct of the female for the powerful protection of the male?) Tolerant of his abuse because of their own family systems? Used to living in homes where they were subject to equal amounts of rudeness towards their mothers, sisters, themselves and women-in-general? Attraction for the Bad Boy, whose promise of looking after "us" overpowers their attraction for the nice guy? Mean girls themselves? 


Two more things I want to add after researching for accurate names and sources.

One about a girl, living in a culture that "cuts" young girls at a certain age. She wasn't cut, until her peers bullied her to tears so badly and so often, that she begged her momma to take the razor to her parts.  Heartbreaking. And a cautionary tale. What we will do for inclusion with and the approval of those around us. Story on CBC recently.


And one about a female reporter who covers DT's rallies, who gets sooo tired, constantly hearing and seeing the abuse towards Hillary...a woman. Bitch we are used to, unfortunately. But CUNT is hard to take for a lot of women. Yelled out. Plastered on tshirts. I have to go and check for facts but it's not the first time I've heard it or seen the reporting of the raucous, rude rallies with the supporters of DT.

I have seen it myself when I, unfortunately read a string of responses on what starts out as an intelligent tweet or facebook post.

And it is "tiring". Abuse wears you down. 


Seeing it, the rudeness, brings me up short quickly. I stop reading the rude and hurtful allowings of the closed minded.


(Makes me even shorter than I am. Short and plump I am. Almost as plump as DT himself.)

(Sorry, DT. I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings. Therein lies danger.)


Can I get back to a little relief? And a little R&R?

My R&R... rest and relaxation. Or Read and Review!

DT's R&R...revenge and retaliation

Keeps him up at night.


Oh ancestors, spirits, rocks, and rivers, whatever and whoever good is listening...please protect us from madmen.

Hear me roar.





I am reaching out...out of my comfort zone.


I am a social commentator. A relationship commentator. I'm used to that.

The past months have turned me into a political commentator, too.

A couch commentator...


Lots of people are.

And lots comment with little background, experience, knowledge.

It doesn't stop people from commenting.


And we certainly comment to each other.


I am used to chatting about...everything.

Usually with family, friends, colleagues.

I began this site to chat and comment about some of the best things I run across, to reach more people. Random people looking for good ideas, inspiring thoughts.


Then there was a lull, after I throwing myself into it this Meme Dream site...after writing lots of pages about lots of inspirations, there was a lull. And there was a personal change of direction as I switched web hosts, took a break from a lifetime of work, got myself a fun hobby, and decided to reorganize all my stuff! And took time to grieve things and people I've lost.


But I did start this blog for Meme Dreams and wrote now and then...

And started a little political commentary,  wrote a little about our October 2015 election here.


And after Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister I looked around.

(All was well on the home front, politically.)

And a disturbing event was taking place in the US. It began officially when Donald Trump declared himself a candidate for president of the United States. My attention turned at the oddness of this event. And I felt a caution descend. Like a cloud.


I wasn't like a lot of people...in the US, here in my living room with me, and around the world, who discounted this as a farce, a joke, a non-event.


I study humans. I study human communication. 

I have had good experiences and bad experiences with humans.

And I recognized there was a potential for some serious mischief, world mischief.

But it wasn't being taken seriously enough to take serious action to stop it.

Except by the CNN hosts who took it seriously, but treated it as if it was okay.


I began to follow the odd, prolonged political process in the US, quickly learning more than I had known my whole life.

I began to turn on CNN in the morning, something I had never done. 

(I have only listened to CBC radio with the same consistency, at times in my life.

CBC Radio is very different from CNN.)


And I have had strong urges to alert people, to write letters, give heads up...

There's something you are missing.

There's something DT is getting away with.

There's too much focus on being "fair". 

Like comparing an orange sprayed with a pesticide that can be washed off, and a rotten fruit. with a sparkly surface.

Come on! A rotten fruit gets tossed out! No decent grocery store could get away with selling that!


But this is waaaay out of my area.

I just had to sit there, and comment to the TV.

I would say "Thank you." when I heard someone on a panel say what I was noticing and thinking.


I noticed I had a strong caution about speaking up.

For fear of retaliation!

From the unpleasant people who were gaining in noise, in bullying action.

I have always been cautious.

I have always been cautious around people who are prepared to get ugly...


I have experience with the unpleasantness I see.

And I take it far more seriously than the polite and respectful CNN hosts seem to when they are on air.


I have wondered if the hosts have a visceral fear of retaliation that keeps them "fair" as they call it. 

(Like family members who smile and act normal in an abusive family, hoping to fly under the radar.)

Hoping to stay safe, to keep their reputations, to have a job if DT is given the reins of power and can punish who he wants to.  He already picks and chooses who to allow near him, those who express adoration...


Political commentary, a soft phrase to express my ominous sense of a storm coming. 

The urge to send an alert. One of millions. Is it enough?

Set up Twitter, follow some people, send a few tweets and DM's...

Hello, Brian?


Okay, time for another walk. Get back to my happy hobby.

Organize some papers. Reach for normalcy...


Fareed gets it...

Yes, I have taken to watching Fareed Zakaria on CNN.

6am here, then 9am. Or I can PVR it.


In early August I heard Fareed take a firm stand, an obvious opinion.

Thank goodness.

He called Donald Trump a Bull**it Artist, then went on to elaborate.


“It’s entertaining,” Zakaria said of Trump’s shtick, “if the guy is trying to sell you a condo or a car. But for the president of the United States, it’s deeply worrying.” 


I am concerned that D's ability to "entertain" is more important to the public than his ability to lead people safely, compassionately.


I am reminded of the moment during the first debate I watched, (when there were still 17 Republican candidates), when D first insulted one of his fellow debaters. There was a surprised roar in the crowd, reminiscent of the roar in Jerry Springer's crowd when something shocking happens. A response that must have thrilled D when he heard it. Addicting. How to get more? Any way possible.


(How do I know what an entertained Jerry Springer's crowd sounds like? We were told there would be a local couple's issue aired on a Springer show one winter. 2 weeks straight of dinner time watching until the show finally aired. Pretty mild show compared to some. But the whole experience an eye opener!)


If humans are excited when unexpected conflict happens, and excitement causes alertness and desire for more, then D has fed that excitement rather than satisfying those interested in substance....what he calls boring talk on "policy" and "substantive issues".


D's bull**it (sorry) will attract a crowd who is not generally interested in what is socially important and crucial...fairness, equality, love, compassion. (These are "boring"?) It will attract complainers, gripers. People who want to throw stones rather than sit at a table with...others.  

But obviously even a crowd who is politically aware and interested gets a rush when something unexpected happens.

People have to be especially discriminating and thoughtful to choose wisely...between getting important things done or stopping to be entertained by conflict and bull**it.  (And allowing it, encouraging it.)


 "Zakaria invoked the famous essay On Bullshit [PDF] and how the difference between a liar and a bullshitter is that the bullshitter doesn’t care what’s true."


And lots of people don't care what is true. They want excitement. Careful, friends...


2 quotes here from the Huffington Post on Fareed's Bull**it comments. 


Now, I am off to read the whole essay, "On Bullshit" by Harry Frankfurt of Princeton University.


Thanks Fareed! A moment of clarity and courage in weeks of confused coverage.

Hillary, member of lawolf

Okay, Hillary is now a member of my Loose Association of Women.


I loved her Democratic Convention inspiring evening and speech.


I loved seeing her so happy and relaxed, in her element surrounded by supporters.


I know who she is, enough to make her a member of lawolf. Enough to invite her out for a walk to talk and laugh, enough to confide in her about my deepest hopes, dreams, fears.


I understand even what the media calls her "secrecy". Her decision to go ahead and do things like her email server. Why she might not tell all. Why she trusts herself to do the right thing, even when sometimes it turns out wrong.

I understand her guardedness around those who question her. I understand what keeps her from always showing her warm side. Her humorous side.


I would give a person like Hillary a lot of passes. Because she is essentially good. A good person.

Who makes mistakes. Who often thinks she may know best.

Because she does. But she doesn't always trust that others will recognize it. And she's right.

She has experienced that.

She is doing her best.


Hillary has a tough go, as a woman fighting for "families and children".

THAT is seen a niche...

 WHAT!!?? Families and children are a niche?

I can just FEEL so many people (men) turning away at the expression of this focus.

You look after it. We have more important things to focus on.

IF ONLY people understood that this focus is the CORE of ALL THINGS HUMAN!

Come on, men, women! This good direction needs ALL OUR SUPPORT!


Okay...that's far too many caps. I have to go for a walk and settle down.

Want to join me, Hillary? 

Let's have a laugh...


From a Native Canadian woman!

With a little research I discovered that a comment thrown out in response to another of Donald's "Pocahontas" name calling, was from a Native Canadian woman!

I heard it myself!


Reported in a CBC News article on May 27th...


A Calgary-based media consultant is making headlines and trending on social media after she shouted an objection to Donald Trump's use of the word Pocahontas to describe a United States senator.

Nicole Robertson, president of Muskwa Productions and Consulting, was in the audience when the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was speaking to the media before a rally on Thursday in Bismarck, N.D.

That prompted Robertson, who works to promote awareness about Indigenous peoples, to shout out, "That's very offensive, sorry."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that," said Trump, who then repeated the word several more times...

How rude! 

The article goes on... "Pocahontas" is now seen by many aboriginal people as a racial slur.

The fact that Trump seemed unaware of the word's power to offend suggests he is ignorant when it comes to Indigenous issues, Robertson told CBC News.

"He's coming from a very amateur perspective," she said. "There needs to be, full out, an apology, number 1. We, as Native American, Native Canadian women have gone through enough marginalization, victimization."

Robertson said her exchange with Trump has put her at the centre of a media frenzy as she continues to get interview requests from news organizations all across the continent. 

"It has become a topic of discussion for all the major U.S. networks," she said. 

While some of the reaction on social media has been racist and hateful, Robertson said most people have congratulated her for speaking out.

"I'm just so appreciative of the support," she said.

There. Somebody spoke out. It got some attention. But I have heard nothing since.

And this is a Canadian woman reported on by a Canadian news source.


But I can look deeper. Or maybe it's time for a bit of a break. Hobby time!

We don't say "Indian" here.

I heard it. But I couldn't believe it.

Of course I could believe it was said...it was rude Donald. But I couldn't believe there wasn't a quick outcry.


In Canada, there is a lot more attention on our First Nations people. Nothing is perfect, there are lots of issues. But there seems to be more general sensitivity and awareness.

And there would have been an outcry, a protest, and lots of media coverage.


I am very surprised that I barely hear about the First Nations people in the US. They are native to the land! The originals!

I have heard Hillary at least talk about them, their situation.

But I do not hear their issues talked about. I don't hear about racism towards them. The "Pocahontas" comment, and others that went with them, are not included when the Donald contingent are noticed for their prejudices,like the comments about Afro-Americans, Latinos.


I heard one panel guest flare up at the Pocahontas comment, and little attention was given to her.

And considering all the issues that are brought up, hour by hour, by each host, until another issue comes along, I found it surprising.


So, a little googling... On CNN itself I found an article by Simon Moya-Smith, a citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation.


"Whether or not Warren is, in fact, Native American is still subject of debate in and out of Indian country, but it is beside the point. We are talking about Native Americans once again being belittled in the mainstream, and this time by a leading presidential candidate.


When Trump makes cracks against Warren, he uses the Native American community like a whip -- like an inanimate object, or a people dead and gone, not likely to respond."

And listen. Although Simon says "Indian country", it doesn't mean those of us without First Nations ancestry can. If we want to be respectful. and not throw out "political correctness" (which is just civility and consideration taken to a very thoughtful level, and not a BAD THING).


I'm sure there are more articles, and responses from Native Americans.

But no general media incensed by these comments. I guess there are not a lot of Native Americans hosting or producing at CNN. Just a guess.

Everybody counts! Certainly the Native Americans do!

I'm surprised there isn't more respect and attention for the real hosts of America in the US. The ones who have been there since time immemorial. Or at least 10,000 years. I'll go look up some history.


While I do that would somebody put a stop to this rudeness. It is out of hand.



Magic tricks. Who's distracted?

Some of us enjoy magic so much...the wonder, the hope, the delight...that we let ourselves be distracted. 


We don't want to know it's a trick sometimes.

We want the promises of delight.


Or promises of wealth, safety, protection from social guidance that insists on good behaviour.


Wait a minute. What are we talking about here!


I am distracted, from my usual pursuits of inspiration. Distracted from reading and watching inspiring, educational, funny stuff has been set aside as the comet comes closer, as the dark magician brings more people under his spell.

I am caught myself wondering if the promises could be true. If the magic could be good magic.

Please. We are ALL impacted by good. By not-good.


 I am watching hours of CNN, never before. I watch other accounts of the goings on. But I generally stick with CNN because it is so effective in airing the show, in airing the tricks. And I keep waiting...


I am waiting for the intelligent skeptics to walk around the dark magician, and expose his tricks.

I am waiting and listening, but only now and then do I hear a person, not usually the hosts (busy being fair and polite), make a statement that exposes a bit of the trick.


But I do not see the media putting the exposures together. Enough to get the dark magician off the stage.

And the spectacle we see, the fireworks! Most stop to watch, not realizing that the fireworks as they dissolve are misting over us like nuclear dust. Dissolving resolve.


I see the hosts inviting apprentice magicians, and politely (so polite!) asking for their opinions, for their input. 

Some of the apprentices are taken in by the tricks themselves. Hopefuls.

And some are currying favor. Rewards for the faithful. 

And some know which side to be on. Fear of retaliation, now or future.

And some are riding the coattails into the media spotlight. Loving the chaos.

And some are wanting to do dark magic themselves and recognize their opportunity. Hurt others, benefit from it.

And some are just mean girls, and mean guys. And have the protection of the bully gang.

All under the guise, the trick, of "for your own good".

(That is some trick.)

(Cue music "You can't always get what you want...you get what you need." What? Who decides what we all need. You?)


Warning to the "fair" CNN hosts: Be careful of getting too close to the dark magician.

I hear he casts quite a spell. 


It's possible that we have to put our full attention on this trickery.

And not be bamboozled into giving equal time to good tricks, well intentioned tricks, and tricky tricks.


Yes, distract from thinking everything will be okay. From looking the other way.

But focus on the trickster. It's more important than we think, I think.


Back to the TV... I think I just heard another explosion from the dark magician. 

I want to see if anyone has discovered the trickery.

(As I purposefully expose myself, I am blanketing myself with love, the best defense. I'd advise you to do the same!)



Cruz and Kasich left...

If I could vote, I would vote for...even Cruz.

That's what it has come to, as I sit in my living room, a country away....

I am cheering on a man I would not pick, whose opinions and stances are essentially different from mine.

I would pick Kasich.

Because I think they are basically decent.



And I don't think the other guy is.


An odd circumstance is closing in, coming to the American people,

and to all who are affected by the choices of the American people.

In other words, all of us.

That's Not Fair!

Well, I just heard an odd opinion about Marco Rubio's comments on DT's small...hands.


And it went something like this:

Comments and insults from Donald Trump are...well, like Donald Trump. (So it's okay?) But those comments and innuendos from Marco Rubio are...not like him. (So it's not okay.)

Marco backed off.

Trump gets to continue. 

He is given a pass. Why?

Why is it okay for him to be rude. But not for Marco.


I have been a teacher for years. 

In the classroom, and out on the playground, the rules were for everybody.

We did not say...You are a bully, so go ahead and hurt people.

And you are not a bully, so you have to go to the office. And when you have been taken to task for not being the better person you are expected to be, you have to go out and apologize to your bully. Go on now...


We had to work harder, find better strategies, figure out effective consequences...for the bully.

The "better" students were assured they would have protection. Or were given the skills to counter a bully's tricks.

We expected good behavior from everyone.

It was an opportunity to help a bully socialize. And allowed everyone else to enjoy the environment safely, without fear.


I am appalled...


I also imagine that's what happens in classrooms and on playgrounds when the people in charge do not have the skills or strategies to affect a bully's behavior. And so are afraid themselves to tackle the bully behavior.

Fearing the bully. Horrid thought.


Sorry, Marco. Sorry people didn't rally to your defense when you showed the courage to stand up to the bully.

But took you to task instead.

And let the bully take over the playground.




It begins...US Election Process

Well, it began last year...


Last year I was following our Canadian election process to some degree, like I always do...


I don't pay it a lot of attention. I couldn't tell you all the steps of the process, or name the different groups involved at the different levels of government to get the election done. I have taught a simplified version for years as a teacher. But I break it down into kid terms, like "parties are like teams". And "we get to vote"....

And two reasons I don't follow it too closely:

1. Whoever gets in is going to be respectful of our Canadian tone, even if not all the choices we all want come into effect.

2. And because it happens quickly, once the candidates for each party are in place. You hear the speeches, discuss the issues with friends, then you go in and vote. And, taking into consideration our several time zones across our big country, we know right away, in several hours, who our leader is.


Next day, it's back to business for the voters, and down to business.for the party now in power. And for the Opposition party, the party with the most votes who didn't win, to get going on their vigilance to keep the party in power now on their best behaviour.

And in the last election, in October of last year, the Liberal Party took centre stage, with our lad Justin Trudeau front and centre as Prime Minister of Canada.

Go Justin!


But this year for the first time, I started paying attention to the US presidential election...

There's Hillary, on the left, and Bernie, even lefter for the Democrats.

And the Republicans? I found it odd that Donald Trump had thrown his hat into the ring.

We have, of course, been aware of Donald as man of means, off and on, who garners a fair bit of media attention for a variety of reasons, including a reality TV series. I watched almost all of a season of The Apprentice several years ago. And I was aware of Donald's several wives and his daughter Ivana. They have shown up in fashion magazines, with snippets of gossip now and then over the years.


As a lifetime student of human nature, and with a streak of caution that alerts me to the sound of potential unsavoury or unsafe actions, I sat up and took notice as the Republican party's potential candidates for the President of the United States somehow included Donald as a possibility.

What? I thought.


And I discovered CNN... Not that I hadn't noticed it before. Who hasn't tuned in to Anderson Cooper now and then? Or checked out Anthony Bourdain's cooking focussed travel show? Or watched Wolf when there is a tragedy unfolding, in the US, or somewhere in the world. Or stopped to watch the coverage for Barack, during his years at the White House.


But I have started to tune in more often. I feel a little more affected. Like hearing there is a comet approaching earth and we don't know where it is going to land, if it's even going to hit.

Still a long way off, and the comet named Donald could be deflected by another candidate. What are their names? Jeb and...?

But I am stocking my 72 hour shelf. And making sure I have my gas tank full, in case this comet gets close.


 Why isn't there more alarm in the voices of the people talking about this?

I am cautious about a charming sounding hurtling mass, with a flaming top, already in our earth's atmosphere. 

Maybe it's a friendly comet?

Hmmm. I've been around for a while. I am staying on alert, and keeping my eye on things.



Meanwhile, in Canada we are welcoming Syrian refugees...a promise for global compassion from our own Prime Minister.


Please be patient with any process or vocabulary mistakes I make as I talk about this topic.

I am a newbie to the US election process. And it is something else!

The actual vote for president isn't until November...