Post debate relief...

But not for long...


Embedded in the debate was the issue of DT's attitude towards women.

Surfaced with a question from Mr. Holt about what he meant by saying Hillary didn't have "the look". 


Hillary, with the opening,  brought up one more instance of DT's disrespect towards women. And since then LOTS of chat on the mainstream media.


And then, LOTS more instances of DT's rudeness and lack of understanding for what concerns most women.


Not all woman. I have access, like all of us must, to the comments of women who don't like Hillary and what she stands for. And go so far as disrespecting her even over women's issues.


To me, their unpleasant comments are exactly what we, as women, often endure from each other. So sad, so unevolved, so hurtful. So judgemental.


I am hearing Ivanka being brought up as evidence that DT has some respect towards women. But I suggest, that as DT's special princess, she is not on the end of her daddy's vicious attacks against women (women who don't adore him, and say so). Ivanka does adore her dad. And he adores her.

He protects her, he supports her, and will forever, as long as she is loyal.


I am curious how Ivanka justifies her father's rudeness to other women. (She isn't challenged much!) But we know in damaged family systems that we grab onto any evidence of goodness in the abuser, and ignore the badness, so we are allowed to stay in the protected position in the system.

And Ivanka definitely has her father's so many ways.


Brings a bit of King Lear to mind...his challenge to his daughters, who loves me most gets the most. Is Ivanka is the truly loving Cordelia? (Although I do see her professing her love. And she has received her share.) Or is she one of the other two, who eventually gets tired of the king and his posse of noisy, rude, consuming men, and fools.  Time will tell. If Ivanka's husband and DT ever had a falling out I would be curious about where Ivanka's loyalty would lie. That would be a tough one for her.


On the women who support DT... Ouch. Attracted by his focussed attention? Impressed with his wealth? (An instinct of the female for the powerful protection of the male?) Tolerant of his abuse because of their own family systems? Used to living in homes where they were subject to equal amounts of rudeness towards their mothers, sisters, themselves and women-in-general? Attraction for the Bad Boy, whose promise of looking after "us" overpowers their attraction for the nice guy? Mean girls themselves? 


Two more things I want to add after researching for accurate names and sources.

One about a girl, living in a culture that "cuts" young girls at a certain age. She wasn't cut, until her peers bullied her to tears so badly and so often, that she begged her momma to take the razor to her parts.  Heartbreaking. And a cautionary tale. What we will do for inclusion with and the approval of those around us. Story on CBC recently.


And one about a female reporter who covers DT's rallies, who gets sooo tired, constantly hearing and seeing the abuse towards Hillary...a woman. Bitch we are used to, unfortunately. But CUNT is hard to take for a lot of women. Yelled out. Plastered on tshirts. I have to go and check for facts but it's not the first time I've heard it or seen the reporting of the raucous, rude rallies with the supporters of DT.

I have seen it myself when I, unfortunately read a string of responses on what starts out as an intelligent tweet or facebook post.

And it is "tiring". Abuse wears you down. 


Seeing it, the rudeness, brings me up short quickly. I stop reading the rude and hurtful allowings of the closed minded.


(Makes me even shorter than I am. Short and plump I am. Almost as plump as DT himself.)

(Sorry, DT. I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings. Therein lies danger.)


Can I get back to a little relief? And a little R&R?

My R&R... rest and relaxation. Or Read and Review!

DT's R&R...revenge and retaliation

Keeps him up at night.


Oh ancestors, spirits, rocks, and rivers, whatever and whoever good is listening...please protect us from madmen.

Hear me roar.