I am reaching out...out of my comfort zone.


I am a social commentator. A relationship commentator. I'm used to that.

The past months have turned me into a political commentator, too.

A couch commentator...


Lots of people are.

And lots comment with little background, experience, knowledge.

It doesn't stop people from commenting.


And we certainly comment to each other.


I am used to chatting about...everything.

Usually with family, friends, colleagues.

I began this site to chat and comment about some of the best things I run across, to reach more people. Random people looking for good ideas, inspiring thoughts.


Then there was a lull, after I throwing myself into it this Meme Dream site...after writing lots of pages about lots of inspirations, there was a lull. And there was a personal change of direction as I switched web hosts, took a break from a lifetime of work, got myself a fun hobby, and decided to reorganize all my stuff! And took time to grieve things and people I've lost.


But I did start this blog for Meme Dreams and wrote now and then...

And started a little political commentary,  wrote a little about our October 2015 election here.


And after Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister I looked around.

(All was well on the home front, politically.)

And a disturbing event was taking place in the US. It began officially when Donald Trump declared himself a candidate for president of the United States. My attention turned at the oddness of this event. And I felt a caution descend. Like a cloud.


I wasn't like a lot of the US, here in my living room with me, and around the world, who discounted this as a farce, a joke, a non-event.


I study humans. I study human communication. 

I have had good experiences and bad experiences with humans.

And I recognized there was a potential for some serious mischief, world mischief.

But it wasn't being taken seriously enough to take serious action to stop it.

Except by the CNN hosts who took it seriously, but treated it as if it was okay.


I began to follow the odd, prolonged political process in the US, quickly learning more than I had known my whole life.

I began to turn on CNN in the morning, something I had never done. 

(I have only listened to CBC radio with the same consistency, at times in my life.

CBC Radio is very different from CNN.)


And I have had strong urges to alert people, to write letters, give heads up...

There's something you are missing.

There's something DT is getting away with.

There's too much focus on being "fair". 

Like comparing an orange sprayed with a pesticide that can be washed off, and a rotten fruit. with a sparkly surface.

Come on! A rotten fruit gets tossed out! No decent grocery store could get away with selling that!


But this is waaaay out of my area.

I just had to sit there, and comment to the TV.

I would say "Thank you." when I heard someone on a panel say what I was noticing and thinking.


I noticed I had a strong caution about speaking up.

For fear of retaliation!

From the unpleasant people who were gaining in noise, in bullying action.

I have always been cautious.

I have always been cautious around people who are prepared to get ugly...


I have experience with the unpleasantness I see.

And I take it far more seriously than the polite and respectful CNN hosts seem to when they are on air.


I have wondered if the hosts have a visceral fear of retaliation that keeps them "fair" as they call it. 

(Like family members who smile and act normal in an abusive family, hoping to fly under the radar.)

Hoping to stay safe, to keep their reputations, to have a job if DT is given the reins of power and can punish who he wants to.  He already picks and chooses who to allow near him, those who express adoration...


Political commentary, a soft phrase to express my ominous sense of a storm coming. 

The urge to send an alert. One of millions. Is it enough?

Set up Twitter, follow some people, send a few tweets and DM's...

Hello, Brian?


Okay, time for another walk. Get back to my happy hobby.

Organize some papers. Reach for normalcy...