Hillary, member of lawolf

Okay, Hillary is now a member of my Loose Association of Women.


I loved her Democratic Convention inspiring evening and speech.


I loved seeing her so happy and relaxed, in her element surrounded by supporters.


I know who she is, enough to make her a member of lawolf. Enough to invite her out for a walk to talk and laugh, enough to confide in her about my deepest hopes, dreams, fears.


I understand even what the media calls her "secrecy". Her decision to go ahead and do things like her email server. Why she might not tell all. Why she trusts herself to do the right thing, even when sometimes it turns out wrong.

I understand her guardedness around those who question her. I understand what keeps her from always showing her warm side. Her humorous side.


I would give a person like Hillary a lot of passes. Because she is essentially good. A good person.

Who makes mistakes. Who often thinks she may know best.

Because she does. But she doesn't always trust that others will recognize it. And she's right.

She has experienced that.

She is doing her best.


Hillary has a tough go, as a woman fighting for "families and children".

THAT is seen a niche...

 WHAT!!?? Families and children are a niche?

I can just FEEL so many people (men) turning away at the expression of this focus.

You look after it. We have more important things to focus on.

IF ONLY people understood that this focus is the CORE of ALL THINGS HUMAN!

Come on, men, women! This good direction needs ALL OUR SUPPORT!


Okay...that's far too many caps. I have to go for a walk and settle down.

Want to join me, Hillary? 

Let's have a laugh...