Magic tricks. Who's distracted?

Some of us enjoy magic so much...the wonder, the hope, the delight...that we let ourselves be distracted. 


We don't want to know it's a trick sometimes.

We want the promises of delight.


Or promises of wealth, safety, protection from social guidance that insists on good behaviour.


Wait a minute. What are we talking about here!


I am distracted, from my usual pursuits of inspiration. Distracted from reading and watching inspiring, educational, funny stuff has been set aside as the comet comes closer, as the dark magician brings more people under his spell.

I am caught myself wondering if the promises could be true. If the magic could be good magic.

Please. We are ALL impacted by good. By not-good.


 I am watching hours of CNN, never before. I watch other accounts of the goings on. But I generally stick with CNN because it is so effective in airing the show, in airing the tricks. And I keep waiting...


I am waiting for the intelligent skeptics to walk around the dark magician, and expose his tricks.

I am waiting and listening, but only now and then do I hear a person, not usually the hosts (busy being fair and polite), make a statement that exposes a bit of the trick.


But I do not see the media putting the exposures together. Enough to get the dark magician off the stage.

And the spectacle we see, the fireworks! Most stop to watch, not realizing that the fireworks as they dissolve are misting over us like nuclear dust. Dissolving resolve.


I see the hosts inviting apprentice magicians, and politely (so polite!) asking for their opinions, for their input. 

Some of the apprentices are taken in by the tricks themselves. Hopefuls.

And some are currying favor. Rewards for the faithful. 

And some know which side to be on. Fear of retaliation, now or future.

And some are riding the coattails into the media spotlight. Loving the chaos.

And some are wanting to do dark magic themselves and recognize their opportunity. Hurt others, benefit from it.

And some are just mean girls, and mean guys. And have the protection of the bully gang.

All under the guise, the trick, of "for your own good".

(That is some trick.)

(Cue music "You can't always get what you get what you need." What? Who decides what we all need. You?)


Warning to the "fair" CNN hosts: Be careful of getting too close to the dark magician.

I hear he casts quite a spell. 


It's possible that we have to put our full attention on this trickery.

And not be bamboozled into giving equal time to good tricks, well intentioned tricks, and tricky tricks.


Yes, distract from thinking everything will be okay. From looking the other way.

But focus on the trickster. It's more important than we think, I think.


Back to the TV... I think I just heard another explosion from the dark magician. 

I want to see if anyone has discovered the trickery.

(As I purposefully expose myself, I am blanketing myself with love, the best defense. I'd advise you to do the same!)