I imagine...

Dear CO,

You asked...So what are your thoughts?


I am imagining a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a Flickr account, Pinterest...etc.

A book. 


A book of women, maybe girls

1st Nations and all the mixes

Their photos, their stories


I imagine that you take photos, of your friends, family, acquaintances, and others...strangers until you photograph them. And record stories.

Or maybe just photos, with a simple caption.


Maybe men, boys, but maybe later...


You, yourself, know stories of trauma, drama, struggles, and you experience joy regardless. You care for your children, no matter if they are with you, or with family. You stay close to your brothers and sisters. You show kindness to some who others wouldn't.


You have a sense of style, understand the importance of relationships, have empathy for sufferers, show loyalty to your people. You have friends.


Who better?

Pick up a camera. Use your phone.

Start a story.

Or just start recording the stories happening all around you.


Not this idea? There are others.

These are my thoughts. But I could have others!


But tap into a passion that can carry you through our life's necessities...


With love and...

Warm regards, Jano


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