That's Not Fair!

Well, I just heard an odd opinion about Marco Rubio's comments on DT's small...hands.


And it went something like this:

Comments and insults from Donald Trump are...well, like Donald Trump. (So it's okay?) But those comments and innuendos from Marco Rubio are...not like him. (So it's not okay.)

Marco backed off.

Trump gets to continue. 

He is given a pass. Why?

Why is it okay for him to be rude. But not for Marco.


I have been a teacher for years. 

In the classroom, and out on the playground, the rules were for everybody.

We did not say...You are a bully, so go ahead and hurt people.

And you are not a bully, so you have to go to the office. And when you have been taken to task for not being the better person you are expected to be, you have to go out and apologize to your bully. Go on now...


We had to work harder, find better strategies, figure out effective consequences...for the bully.

The "better" students were assured they would have protection. Or were given the skills to counter a bully's tricks.

We expected good behavior from everyone.

It was an opportunity to help a bully socialize. And allowed everyone else to enjoy the environment safely, without fear.


I am appalled...


I also imagine that's what happens in classrooms and on playgrounds when the people in charge do not have the skills or strategies to affect a bully's behavior. And so are afraid themselves to tackle the bully behavior.

Fearing the bully. Horrid thought.


Sorry, Marco. Sorry people didn't rally to your defense when you showed the courage to stand up to the bully.

But took you to task instead.

And let the bully take over the playground.