Tis the season...

It looks cold and a little dark, but we have our own ways to brighten up in our sort-of-northern land...



And it's late in the day!

I am returning from an out of town trip to a cluster of shopping centres.


I spend hours roaming the shops, with all my people in mind. Then decisions have to be made, in a favorite coffee shop. And after the gathering of useful, fun, or inspiring gifts I hightail it out of town before a blizzard hits the high roads between me and home.


I always shop first in our small community, from the hardware stores to local artisan shops. I drop as much of my Christmas money as I can into local pockets. But really, the town an hour away is almost "local", right?


And then, last, I check online for those items that we can't get in our region. Like Brodart insulated 5 ounce coffee mugs. Sure we have a couple. But, they break! Back up!

And Swiss Army serrated steak knives.


And marionettes from Czechoslovakia. 

Okay, so they'll be late.

Especially since one is going to Australia, do not pass Go.

I could have ordered them much earlier. I mean, what were the chances that I would find a couple of marionettes locally?


You never know!


 Gotta go, parade is starting. It passes right at the end of the block...


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