Letters to...people

I have been around for a while...

I often find myself wanting to talk to people...people in the news, on entertainment shows, political figures even. I imagine that I write them a letter, and they read it. Perhaps it is a perspective they hadn't thought about.


So I am ready to write some letters. Just new stuff as it occurs to me.

I'll let the old ideas go. 


Right now, this very minute, I am watching a news report that there is No Paid Leave in the US for women with new babies. What?!

I live in a country that allows a few weeks to a year off for new mommas, and I see that there are only 2 countries in the world that do not mandate some maternity leave for the mothers or fathers... the United States and Papua New Guinea.

I am going to guess that Hillary would want to mandate some maternity leave for women, if she had the opportunity.

I wonder what Donald Trump would do about THAT if he became president! 


Dear Donald...

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