Meme Dreams

I imagine that an inspired thought, that creates a good vibration, spreads....

Meme Dreams

What is a meme?

Life is a journey

My path to your path

Your path to mine

Life is a journey...

That's a meme. 

So common, everyone knows

what these questions mean.


What is your path?

Where have you been?

Where are you now?

What lies ahead?


Take good ideas with you

on your journey...

That's a meme dream.

Play a little...

Gordon Cockle

Mischief and Love

A Lifetime of Fangirling

My spoken word and borrowed music


Loose Association of Women, 

and Other Life Forms...

Art by Gale Simpson

Inspired Learning

& Inspire Us Kids 



Contact me!

Good ideas worth sharing.

I welcome your stories.

And meme dreams.

Sharing is good for us..

healthy, cathartic.

I will promise confidentiality...

if you want it.

I'm sharing here, so thanks for dropping by.

Meme Dreams, inspired thoughts


Nothing on this site has to be original, but some of it is. In synthesis. In commentary. In original compositions. In my humble opinion...